Supermodel Angela Lindvall Curates Beauty Through Peace And Well-Being

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Supermodel Angela Lindvall has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, to Vanity Fair and more. As a mother, an environmentalist, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher and health coach, she has set out to make her mark on this world, leaving her green-footprint. She recently teamed up with Article 22 to create a new sustainable and up-cycled jewelry line called “Peace Begins in Me”.

Q: How did you get started as a model and what attracted you to the profession?

AL: It actually happened by accident. I didn’t know anything about fashion coming from my small town outside of Kansas City, Missouri. In fact, I was a tomboy during the time of the grunge era. My sister signed up at a local agency, and I tagged along too. When the opportunity to travel to New York City came along, I jumped on it so that I could see the world. However, I have never expected my career to take off the way it has. I am so grateful for all of the experiences and opportunities it has provided for me and my family. I also enjoyed all the interesting characters and diverse people I’ve been able to work with.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you face in your career?

AL: The feeling that I was being valued for the way I look, and the focus on the external. I’m not competitive by nature, and I was not a girly girl. However, it taught me to find my true value from within, and develop my confidence. I also through the years discovered for myself what true femininity is.

Q: What are the personal and professional attributes that have allowed you to create success in your business and life?

AL: I believe that being a little bit of a rebel my whole life has its plusses. I’m not afraid of taking risks, going against the grain, or of change. I trust in my heart, and do what I believe. I like to believe in possibility and hold vision for what I want to create – then go in that direction. Even if it doesn’t make sense to others, my heart and gut knows what’s best for my soul. There are always challenges, but I believe it always works out perfectly.

Q: In addition to modeling you’ve also become focused on environmental activism and you’re a health and wellness expert. How does that play into your daily life?

AL: Since I first started modeling at 17 in New York, I became aware of the environmental crisis we face as humanity. It wasn’t a big “green” movement at the time. In fact, not many people were speaking up about it like today. I believe we as humans have a symbiotic relationship with our planet Earth. If she is out of balance, we are. I have the belief that through our daily choices we have a massive impact on our planet and the quality of our individual lives.

Eight years ago, I became certified in Kundalini yoga. I love the yogic sciences. My daily practice has had a profound impact on my health and well-being. I also became a certified health coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am currently developing workshops for teens, as well as mothers and daughters. They focus on our yogic anatomy, energy bodies, breathwork, emotions and feelings, belief systems, values, and empowering one through choice and individual free will.

Currently I am enrolling to become a Dula in order to support and coach women through pregnancy and birth. Growing up I was blessed to see my sisters born, have birthed two children myself, was at my older sister’s birth, and recently assisted my younger sister in birth. I believe being a mother is the most important job we have as women. It has been the best part of my life thus far.

Q: You recently created a new line of jewelry, “Peace Begins in Me,” for Article 22. What is the message you hope to share with others through your designs?

AL: The message “Peace Begins in Me” represents that each of us as individuals effects the larger whole. How we feel, think, treat others, what we say, do, how we invest our time and money creates our collective. By creating peace from within, we create peace on earth. Each person has a choice as an individual to be responsible for the energy they create.

Q: What makes your line of jewelry different?

AL: I saw this amazing idea on my Twitter feed to take shrapnel from bomb shrapnel and other scrap from the Vietnam War and turn it into jewelry. They were saying ‘peace is the bomb’. I thought it was such a great concept – taking something as negative as war and turning it into something positive. Not only is this jewelry fair trade, but each piece also includes a donation to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos. So much of the Laotian population relies on agriculture to live and they have to farm their fields full of bombs that haven’t exploded from a war that ended more than 40 years ago.

The “Peace Begins in Me” Collection is based on Sacred Geometry which are patterns found everywhere in nature and across cultures and religions. Each piece in the collection mixes a precious silver or gold geometric pattern with Article 22’s signature metal which is transformed in a rural mountain village in the north of Laos.

Q: What does the future hold for Angela Lindvall?

AL: I am living in the now and letting myself be guided.

To learn more about Angela’s collection “Peace Begins in Me” with Article 22 visit

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