How do I find sexy and safe prostitutes in Dubai?

You don’t need to find a prostitute. There are plenty of pretty young Filipino, Nepalese, Indonesian, Indian and Sri Lankan girls who are happy to have a mutually beneficial relationship. Safe, clean and friendly.

First thing I would like to mention is that Dubai is probably number 1 place in the world for a number of indie prostitutes per capita. The obvious answer for the question “why?” is “money!”. Dubai is full of rich people from around the world and if you are looking for something super exclusive in terms of paid sex partners, then you came to the right place.

A lot of websites that are reputable sources for high-end prostitutes (like EuroGirlsEscort) that have profiles with verified girls who have documents from doctors that they are clean are blocked by internet providers in Dubai. You can enter them using some VPN services but you can also get in trouble with law for using VPNs on Dubai (plus they also may be forbidden by ISPs). So use VPNs at your own risk.

So my alternative suggestion is to use Telegram messenger. It has few groups/bots that have awesome girls. My personal choice is OhMyGirls bot, it may be found inside messenger by “omgpbot” address.

It is totally ok to ask indie prostitutes if they have “documents” that they are clean and have no STDs.

How? Walk into virtually any bar in old town Dubai. Safe? That’s another question entirely.

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