Tatiana Derovanessian Shares Her Expert Design Tips and Inspiration

Real Estate powerhouse, Tatiana Derovanessian represents bespoke real estate and design. An impassioned trailblazer, she has successfully built a full-service one stop shop for designing and selling luxury homes in Los Angeles. As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist®, Tatiana’s design work is a synergistic extension of her real estate business. Developers and clients alike seek her design expertise on new spec homes and remodels. Her recently completed spec residential developments, which she also sold for record-breaking prices in their respective areas, have gained accolades and appreciation for their custom dream home creation. Contributing to our Real Estate Issue, Tatiana reveals how she integrates design, natural materials and artistic expression to create Los Angeles’ finest luxury homes.


Insight 1:

When the bespoke nature of a design is evident, that is luxury. I collaborate with clients to pick out hundreds of layouts, materials, pieces and accessories so that the space is special. A home should be harmonious, warm and welcoming. It should fit the current needs of the prospective buyer and real time design trends, function well and take advantage of the environment.


Insight 2:

Design trends develop and sway the manner in which we live. Honest architecture has always been the foundation for any next-level home and shapes how it is lived in. Contemporary elements, mainly glass and steel, have long been the go-to mediums in construction for sleek façades, but the effect of honest, stripped down natural materials like concrete, salvaged wood and rammed earth are among the most luxurious materials which connect us to something larger than ourselves.


Insight 3:

What makes an interior worthy of a second glance? Fearlessness. Color, pattern, dimension, materials, stones and one-of-a-kind furnishings are design elements that lend narratives to spaces they inhabit, infusing a spirited impression. We live in a world today where what was private is now public. The home has become another way for individuals to express themselves and tell a story of the lifestyle they’ve earned.


Insight 4:

California offers the perfect climate and location for relaxed living and homes that blur the lines between indoors and out. Taking my cues from the great allure of our region’s natural environment and enviable landscape, I draw in the exterior living environment for my clients so that the interior ambience they invest so much in is equally enhanced and naturally connected to the outdoors – blurring the line between where the living space ends and the view begins, achieving an effortless flow.


To connect with Tatiana Derovanessian of dreamliving|LA®, call (310) 432-6507, email or visit Follow Tatiana on Instagram: @dreamlivingla. Photo by Steve Ragland.

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