Andressa Lopes : photomodel, actress loved by the great public of the web


Andressa Lopes cover break magazine foto: credit photo JOHN CIAMBRONE
Andressa Lopes cover break magazine PHOTO: JOHN CIAMBRONE

Today, we at Break Magazine interview Andressa Lopes,  model of Brazilian descent transferred to America. His gaze does not go unnoticed, extravagant look between elegance and casual, Andressa Lopes is a strange mixture. So, a romantic woman, passionate, who loves to live life every day, every moment, every opportunity is good to do it. Followed by miles of Fans on Instagram, today Andressa is becoming a reference point for many women on many social networks, a model to follow that every day more and more conquers a large audience. And here with great honor we present one of the women of the moment. To hear his words, his words, which tells the story of our interview here is told.


Tell us, how was your experience with fashion born?

Since I was a little girl I had a strong interest in fashion. I always loved to dress up or dress up my barbies.

Can you tell us the most significant moments of your career? 

My I walked in the runway in Boston, Ma for La Perla luxury lingerie.

After so many objectives, there is also a dream in the drawer?

Yes! Modeling always have been my passion but, also I love to decorate and design residents. In the future, I hope to achieve and have my own  gallery with my designed furnitures.

What happens during your day?

My days are always different from other days. but I always wake up early especially when I have sunrise photo shoots.  I drink a lot of water and sprinkle water. then I brush my teeth and I take my cute dogs for a walk. and then I have a routine of castings.  I do take Life Extension Vitamins daily. My wardrobe depends on what I have to do that day, I also workout daily. I moisture my skin constantly,  my whole body. I also drink daily green juices.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

 we can never predict it exactly, but very successful with 2 houses and a baby.

At this moment, what project are you working on?

on being published as many magazine I can get the opportunity to work with and lots of modeling jobs. I am working onmaking money and also improving myself as a person too.

Is there a professional or photographer you would like to work with?

Of Course! Russell James is a dream photographer I would love to work with.

One last question, the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to know why we life. I would like to recommend to everyone to search and also learn more about “The Wisdom of Kabbalah” that claims to be a  method specifically made to answer the question about the meaning of life. Since I started studying about two years ago. my life has changed and yours will too.

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