As of late, the UAE has turned out to be synonymous with progression and cutting-edge advancement. So, it does not shock to see the nation driving the path with artificial intelligence (AI), which is set to play an important job in the nation’s Centennial 2071 undertaking.

The Emirati country is positioned as the first in the Arab world with regards to receiving AI in all parts of life. In the previous couple of years, its authorities have been centered around acquainting AI advances with the nation.

The UAE’s Cabinet has adopted another ‘National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031’ planned for situating the UAE as a worldwide pioneer in AI. The strategy will likewise look to build up an “integrated framework that utilizes artificial intelligence in fundamental zones in the UAE.

The Strategy means to:

•  accomplish the objectives of UAE Centennial 2071

•  support government execution at all levels

•  utilize an integrated smart digital system that can conquer difficulties and give snappy effective solutions

•  make the UAE the first in the field of AI investments in different areas

•  make a new fundamental market with high economic worth

The strategy incorporates eight goals, including setting up an incubator for AI advancements, the work of AI in customer service, drawing in and preparing AI ability and research capacities and giving a data-driven framework to help AI experiments.

The UAE’s strategy additionally incorporates a plan to “construct a well-settled UAE brand of artificial intelligence” through exercises that make the UAE a test platform for AI innovation, give upgraded services, training and qualification programs.

This strategy is the first of its sort on the planet and spreads the improvement and utilization of cutting-edge innovations in nine segments including transport, health, space, sustainable energy, water, innovation, education, environment, and traffic. The strategy additionally means to support government execution in each aspect and taking the nation to another level with respect to the economy and business.

Built up in 2017, the nation’s Ministry of Artificial Intelligence’s primary aim is to put resources into cutting edge innovations and AI tools that will be executed in all fields of work and improve the government’s overall performance.

Represented by Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, the administration body is additionally entrusted with working with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to incorporate AI as a major aspect of the national educational plan, training and preparing individuals for jobs of future

Notwithstanding the above mentioned, the ministry actualizes laws and enactment that administer AI. In a recently made proclamation, Al Olama said the UAE is centered around turning into a worldwide center for artificial intelligence and focused that the nation has everything necessary to drive its AI strategy forward.

According to Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, they have launched a national strategy for artificial intelligence to make it a fundamental part of its business, their lives and its government organizations.

Prior this year, the nation’s AI Minister declared a “Think AI” initiative.

The campaign aims at quickening “the adoption of artificial intelligence and its uses in different key segments” in the UAE. Under it, the nation facilitated a progression of roundtables, workshops, and panel discussions with the investment of field specialists from all over the world.

The AI strategy revolves around five themes:

•  the development of the UAE AI Council

•  workshops, projects, initiatives and field visits to government bodies

•  create abilities and skills of all staff working in the field of technology and put up training courses for government authorities

•  give all services through AI and the full integration of AI into security and medical services

•  launch a leadership strategy and issue an administrative law on the safe utilization of AI

UAE news agency said the first stage of the AI strategy usage will concentrate on energy and resources, transportation and logistics, the travel industry and hospitality, healthcare services and cyber security.

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