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Dubai Hook Up Guide For Single Men

If you want to meet Sexy girls and get laid in Dubai, this guide is what you need. It reveals how to find girls hot for action and offers practical tips to enjoy your sex vacation in Dubai.

Dubai has many little dirty secrets, and itself is quite a contrast. The strict Islamic religion forbids holding hands in public, alcohol, and sex outside marriage.

But in reality, every night there are lavish parties with expensive bottles and sexy women down to fuck.

This guide will help you to find casual sex and get laid in Dubai as well as to find a fuck buddy and sex partners.

This Dubai Sex Guide was last updated on 19 September 21



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What About Girls in Dubai?
Dating and mating culture in Dubai

Where to Find Sex in Dubai
An overview of the best places to get laid in Dubai

Typical Prices
Dubai girl prices for short and long term rental

How To Meet Sexy Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet girls in Dubai

How To Rent a Girl in Dubai
Hire girls for days or weeks or find friends with benefits

Girl friendly Hotels In Dubai
Guest friendly hotels that don’t charge joiner fee



What About Girls In Dubai?

Dubai is an international city with incredible diversity. There are girls from 60 different nationalities that come in all forms and shapes.

You have African, Russian, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Asia ladies. It’s a huge melting pot of pussy without even considering the local woman born and raised in Dubai.

Most girls in Dubai are here to work and are actively looking for men for fun or serious relationship… Then there are girls with a day job, but at night they sell their bodies to earn some extra cash… Then there are holiday girls working as escorts.

Dubai escort in nightclub

A lot is going on in this city. But the sure thing is everyone wants to have fun and get laid. It isn’t that hard to hook up with women in Dubai, and you only need to start somewhere.

If you live in Dubai, the best way to meet girls is to join a club or attend events or join a dating site. Plenty of expatriate women in need of a good fuck and possibly looking for something more.

If you are only visiting, the best way is to meet girls is in the nightclubs or pick up bars.

Generally speaking, girls in Dubai are outgoing, independent, and love to have a good time. Most women here are good sport in bed, and they know how to please a man.

Some girl is more submissive then others, especially the Asians, but if you hook up with a Latina or European, it’s a different story altogether.



Where To Find Girls For Sex In Dubai

The best places to find girls and get laid in Dubai are:

1. Online

Dubai prostitute online

Online you can find quality girls at a reasonable price unless you want to spend a fortune to pick up girls in the clubs.

Most girls online are semi-pro with a normal 9 to 5 job. They are in need of extra cash, so they use sites and apps to meet men for pleasure. Meaning they offer sex occasionally and don’t get fucked every single day by a different guy.

It’s like having sex with a girlfriend, not a working girl. They are fun, relaxed and love to have sex.

The best way to find girls online is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement. There are girls for all sorts of arrangments, from the “next door girl” available for a night of sex to the young girl willing to be your girlfriend with benefits.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars



No matter where you stay, there are several nightclubs and bars that you must visit if you want to have fun. These nightspots are like mini red-light areas where you can find the hottest ladies for sex in Dubai.

To make things easier for you, I’ve broken down the best nightspots in Dubai to pick up girls for sex:

  • Red Square Nightclub in Moscow Hotel – Russians and ex-soviet nationalities
  • Club Mint In Manhattan Hotel and Imperial Suites Hotel – Pakistani and Indian girls
  • Jules Bar in Le Meridien Hotel – Vietnamese, Chinese and Russians right across the airport
  • Ku-Bu Bar in Radisson Hotel – Ex-Soviet Union nationalities
  • Club One in Broadway Hotel – Syrian girls
  • Iranian Club in Phoenicia – Iranian and Maroccan girls
  • St. Georges Hotel – Arabic ladies
  • Marine Club Seaview Hotel – Asian girls
  • E-Bar in York International Hotel – Cheap Vietnamese and African ladies
  • Regal Plaza – Milf from Ex-Soviet Union countries
  • Ratsky in Fortune Karama Hotel – Filipina ladies supplementing their income from their day-time jobs (freelancers).

Those are the most popular pick-up spots, but the list is long.

3. Escorts – Call Girls in Dubai

Dubai call girl in sexy lingerie

The best way to book call girls in Dubai is to contact escort agencies or independent escorts advertising online. Some have low rates while others have high rates, but what all of them have in common is you never get the girl in the picture.

A popular escort directory is Dubai Bunny. Most girls are from South East Asia and Eastern Europe. If you prefer Indian and Pakistani escorts, check out this site.

Pakistani and Indian escort charge 700 AED per hour, South East Asian girls around 1.000 AED and the Russians 1.200 AED+.

4. Red Light District – Brothels

prostitutes in Dubai red light area

There aren’t any designed red light districts in Dubai, but there are several areas with street hookers, brothels, and freelancers in the nightclubs.

The most popular red-light areas in Dubai are:

  • Deira – The oldest part of Dubai has many hotels with prostitutes operating in the clubs and in the streets. The hotels near the “Fish roundabout” and “Al Nasr square” are good starting points. Prostitutes in Deira are from poorer countries like South East Asia and Central Asia. The going rate is 1.000 AED
  • Dubai International Airport – Just outside the airport there are a few pick up bars. For example in the Broadway Hotel, you can find Iranian prostitutes… Or Jules Bar in Le Meridien Hotel has Asian and Russian ladies. Rates between 1.000-2.000 AED.
  • Satwa – There are several bars and clubs with girls offering extra service for money.
  • Marina – If you want to hook up with the finest escorts, the clubs around Marina are busy every night. The ongoing rate is 2.000-5.000 AED.


5. SPAs – Dubai Sex Massage

erotic massage girl in Dubai

Several parlors are offering erotic massage in Dubai, and the problem is they get shut down regularly. You can find out about these places throwout recommendation.

If they don’t know you, they’ll refuse any money for happy endings.

6. Street Hookers in Dubai

Late at night outside the pick up joints in Dubai, you can find street hookers.

Also around Bur Dubai Naif Road, there are pimps offering girls. They will take you to a building with large rooms divided into several small compartments by curtains, and in each, there is a girl. It’s the most unhygienic way to get laid in Dubai.

My friend, don’t push your luck, you better to stick the online way to meet girls.

7. Strip Clubs in Dubai

Dubai has an exciting nightlife, and there is a lot of going on, but strip clubs aren’t one of those things. If you want to see a strip show do as the Emirati do, Throw a party, invite friends and a few girls, share the cost and ask the girls to strip.



Typical Price For Sex

Dubai isn’t cheap, and it’s also an expensive place to have paid sex. Expect to shell out at least 500 AED for a pop, and the limit is the moon.

Here the price list for sex girls in Dubai:

• Street Hookers – The pimps in Bur Dubai Naif Road offer girls and sex for 500 AED. Not the most hygienic place and the girls are trafficked.

• Escorts – Prices ranges from 700 AED to 2.000 AED per hour.

• Freelancers – Many hotels in Dubai have pick bars and clubs with freelancers (self-independent sex workers). Prices start at 600 AED for an Indian or Pakistani lady up to 2.000 AED for an Eastern European lady.

• Girls On Dating Sites – The cheapest way to get laid in Dubai is to connect with lonely Asian girls on dating sites. They are happy to share intimate moments with you and be your girlfriend.



How To Meet Sexy Girls Online

In Dubai, there is a lot of prostitution but there are also many career women eager to meet a well-mannered guy. Not only the women working in Dubai are beautiful and intelligent, but also horny.

The only difficulty is those women are pretty busy and there aren’t that many social places. For this reason, the best way is to meet girls on hookup sites and arrangement apps they use to interact with men.

At the moment, the most popular sites are Adult Friend Finder and Seeking Arrangement.

On Adult Friend Finder you’ll find horny girls looking for no string attached sex. There are also many couples if you’re into threesomes.

While on Seeking Arrangement you’ll find beautiful and intelligent girls looking for a relationship.

To get started, sign up and create a profile being honest about what you’re looking for.

Then chat with the girls and meet up once you feel ready.



How To Rent Girls In Dubai

If you want to hire a girl in Dubai for a few hours, days or weeks, I’m going to show you how to do that.

Having a friend with benefits in Dubai is common, and there are a lot of girls available with all sorts of benefits.

You can have a temporary girlfriend offering long conversations, understanding, and nights of intense sex. But you don’t have to deal with any drama that is usual in any regular relationship.

For example, it’s common to see Emirati walking around the hotels with a sexy blond lady wearing a scarf around their head. She isn’t his wife or girlfriend, but a “girl with benefits.”

Just imagine having an attractive and young girl to please you…

Dubai girl for rental

She stays with you whenever you want, looks after your needs, and never complains.

Most single men in Dubai try hard to get a regular girlfriend only to find out later that she is demanding and noisy.

Smart men rent a girl to look after their emotional needs and focus their energy on their job or business instead of fighting the girlfriend.

The best way to rent a girl in Dubai is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement. Plenty of ladies looking for a “sugar daddy.”

To begin, create a profile and write what you are looking for in a woman. Search for girls in Dubai that suit your needs, and set up a beneficial arrangement. Simple as that.



Girl Friendly Hotels In Dubai

sex girl in dubai hotel

The majority of prostitutes in Dubai can be found in hotels, plain and simple. Hotels like Hyatt Regency, Moscow Hotel, and Fortune Karam Hotel are well known to have nightclubs and bars with a large number of freelancers.

They would be the perfect accommodation for any single man in Dubai if they wouldn’t charge a joiner fee of about 250 AED.

Imagine staying one week and have a girl every night with you, that would cost you 1.750 AED extra to pay when checking out.

If you want to avoid paying it, the best way is to book a hotel near a popular pickup joint that doesn’t charge extra for guests… And the list is here:

  • Girl Friendly Hotels In Deira

Panorama Hotel or Emirates Concorde – Both hotels are walking distance from the most infamous pickup clubs in Dubai: Red Square Nightclub and Club One… And five minutes by taxi from the Premiere Club in Hyatt regency.

  • Girl Friendly Hotels In Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai has many pick up joints, and the two most famous are the York Club and Mint Club.

Stay in Regal Plaza or Four Points by Sheraton Bur Dubai which are close by. Walking distance from Al Fhaidi Metro Station.

  • Girl Friendly Hotels Near The Airport

Roda Al Bustan Hotel – Next to the best pick up joint near the airport: Jules Bar in Le Meridien Hotel.
This closes the Dubai sex Guide. Enjoy the ladies over there

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