Brothels and Strip Clubs in Rome, Italy.


Ciao! So you are in one of the most romantic capitals in the world – Rome…Have you already tasted Italy? Pasta, pizza, carpaccio. Mmmm…But we know that you crave for something even more delicious, than that. That’s why you landed here. Well, good for you, because we have collected all top-notch sex clubs, strip clubs and brothels in Rome in one place, on one map.

How many poets, writers, singers, painters praised Italian women for their impeccable beauty! Ah, those eyes, those naughty looks, those ripe lips that ignite the most wildest thoughts in your mind. Yeah, you know what we are talking about. You can hardly find another country in the world with such passionate, frivolous and promiscuous girls. Rome covers a variety of interests for all your sexual needs, fetishes and kinks. Exotic dancing, popular strip clubs, titty bars, and the best brothels to explore!

It doesn’t matter where you are in Rome. Just check our map to find your escape into a world of fantasy. The map visualizes all the sex clubs, night clubs and gentlemen’s clubs in Rome. Are you looking for an enjoyable evening? Let the friendly, high class and gorgeous girls from Rome make your night. You are just one step away from having the time of your life in a brothel in Rome
Prostitution in Rome

Prostitution in Italy is legal, although the activities of third parties related to the sale of sexual services (such as brothels, pimping or prostitution) are not permitted. Brothels were banned in the late 1950s, and although many of them still exist under various guises, you won’t be able to find a traditional brothel like in other parts of Europe. Prostitutes (colloquially known as “lucciole” or “fireflies”) tend to work as self-employed escort models or privately in rental accommodation. Some work in agencies, take to the streets, or even work as dancers in strip clubs and massage parlors. Although the sex trade is prohibited in these places, it may still take place.

However, the owners of these establishments do not allow such activities, as this may lead to closure. Street prostitution is tolerated as long as no explicit inducement is used, and is a popular way for locals and tourists to seek the services of a professional. Migrants to the city who have work or residence permits can provide sexual services. The cost of hiring a prostitute in Rome varies considerably. Migrant street prostitutes can charge as little as 30 euros, while escort models charge an average of 150 euros per hour.

Escort Guide in Rome

You can find dozens of escort sites serving Rome, including several independent affiliates. There are also secret catalogs and message boards where you can freely view announcements from courtesans. However, all of these sites operate in a strictly gray area of ​​the law, and we cannot post links to them on this site.

Sex in Rome


In Italy, brothels are forbidden, but you can still find similar places if you respond to advertisements for calling services from any site; in particular classified ads. These small networks of prostitutes tend to rent premises for short periods and often move to avoid detection by the authorities. This type of operation is not regulated and generally not recommended.

Swing clubs

Swing in Italy very popular and you can find clubs all over Rome alone or in pairs. Not all of these clubs are open to the general public, although most of them allow foreign visitors to participate in events. However, you may need to pay an entry fee. On weekends, clubs are usually more busy, and the main entertainment starts after 23:00 (although most open their doors earlier).

Bad Romance

Via Beniamino Franklin, 3a, 00153 Rome

Bad Romance is an exclusive club for singles and couples in the Testaccio area. You can get a membership by contacting the owner

Alessia Rossini via website.


The club is mainly visited by locals, and only one out of ten foreigners is allowed. Despite being located in a traditional 1900s brick building, the interior is an eclectic mix of cutting-edge amenities and a turn of the century elegance. The hotel has many private and shared play areas, a dark dance floor and a medieval-style room. Entrance fees include a free self-service bar on an order basis. Dress code is recommended to be observed in a stylish way. The club is open as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: from 22: 30 to 3: 00
  • Friday and Saturday: from 22: 30 to 4: 30
  • Sunday: Private parties from 21: 30 to 2: 00

New armony club prive

Via Concordia 44, 00100 Rome The New Armony Club, located in the San Giovanni area, is a Parisian-style club that has been in existence for 15 years. It’s not the most prestigious establishment or the most modern swing club, but most of the visitors here are locals, so you’re almost guaranteed to find yourself a Roman couple. This is an ASX membership club and you need to register to get inside. The facilities are simple but clean, you can find booths with holes in the walls, a disco and bar, and several play areas. The club is open daily from 22:00.

Flirt club

Via Cassia Veientana SR2 snc, 01015 Sutri VT

This is an exclusive and luxurious swingers club located about an hour’s drive north of the city. You can book a room for guests to stay overnight – well worth the trip. Guests staying at the hotel can use the club’s services until 15:00 the next day. It features a heated indoor naturist pool and full breakfast buffet.

Flirt club

You can order a taxi from the city for € 60 (per trip). Membership is compulsory for all guests and costs € 35 for a yearly access card. Entrance fees to events vary by day whether you are a single or a couple, but guests under 35 pay less than those over 47. Typically couples pay around € 50 and single men € 100. Guest rooms are paid separately. The complex is large and includes luxurious interiors and well-equipped play areas for guests. In the summer, the institution opens its naturist village, where guests can enjoy a vast and beautiful area in its natural form.

Flirt club

The hotel has an excellent restaurant, bar and night club. The club is a popular destination for international swingers and offers an exciting way to spend a day or two in the company of like-minded people. The club holds regular events, so check the details on the site. Normal hours of operation:

  • Tuesday to Thursday: from 11: 30 to 19: 00 (social events only)
  • Friday to Saturday: from 21: 30 to 4: 00
  • Sunday (June to September): from 11: 30 to 19: 00.

Reservations are required at any time.

New luna club

Via Gastone Maresca, 47, 00138 Rome About 4 km northeast of the city you can find New Luna swing club. Located on three floors, the 1000 sq. M club has a number of entertainment for guests, including:

  • 12 bedrooms
  • 3 rooms with holes in the walls
  • Maze room for role-playing games
  • Living room
  • Bar
  • Two dining areas
  • Outdoor patio
  • Bar
  • Disco
  • Pool and spa

Due to the large number of parking spaces, access to the club is invisible and ensures anonymity. The club is only accessible through membership, and you can contact the club’s office for registration using their website. The club is open as follows:

  • Thursday and Sunday: from 21: 00 to 3: 00
  • Friday and Saturday: from 21: 00 to 4: 00

La chance club prive

Via Jacopo Passavanti, 69, Rome Located on the outskirts of the city, the club is accessible to members and welcomes couples and singles.

La chance club prive

La Chance has an area of ​​450 square meters. m there are several rooms for couples, a zone for group games, as well as playgrounds, a bar, a disco and a cinema for adults. Rooms for couples can use three (or more) people at the same time, while the door must be open when used in pairs. This swing club is open from Thursday to Saturday from 22:30 to 4:00 (until 3:00 on Thursdays).

Villa ghibli

Via delle Orchidee, 10, 04011 La Cogna, Aprilia LT Villa Ghibli is the first club in Italy with an exclusively female management team. This is a place for club members that welcomes guests from all over the world. The club, located about 40 km from the city, has a naturist village and a spa for entertaining guests. There are indoor and outdoor pools, as well as wet and dry play areas. Visitors will be charged € 80, but couples admission is free except on weekends when a fee of € 20 is charged. The club is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 14:00.

Terme Club Prive

Via Roccalumera 5/7, 00132 Rome Terme Club Prive, managed by the same team that owns the Olimpo chain, is a 1500 m² spa. m, located 21 km east of the city.

Terme Club Prive

In addition to the usual spa, you can also enjoy a massage at the club, but their masseurs do not offer sexual services. Entrance is for members only, and you must apply for a review before visiting the spa. Various events are held at Terme Club Prive throughout the week, so visit the website for details. The club is open from 15:00 to 01:00 (on Thursdays until 2:00).

Prince club

Via Leoncavallo, 4 00039 Valle Martella RM The Prince Club is located at the “Roman Gate”, 30 km east of the city, and is an exclusive club venue. Pre-registration is required for all events and you can contact the organizers via the website for details.

Erotic massage

The city has several popular salons offering traditional Tantric massage, as well as several interesting options for services, including a geisha and a blindfold. Most salons try their best to stipulate that sexual services are not provided, although we have heard several reports that this is not always the case.

Strip clubs

Poppea club

D’Africa ,, Via Capo d’Africa, 21, 00184 Rome Opened in 2013, the club, located a short walk from the Colosseum, offers strip shows with international guests. The club is selective in the recruitment process and all dancers meet high standards in both appearance and skill.


The place is small and cozy, with low vaulted ceilings and brick walls; however there is a central stage and a pole vault for performers, and being so close to the action will make you feel more comfortable. The club’s opening hours are as follows:

  • Tuesday and Friday: from 17: 00 to 20: 00 and from 22: 30 to 4: 00.
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday: from 22: 30 to 4: 00

Elite 2

Via dell’Umilt, 77, 00187 Rome After closing the Boite Pigalle nightclub in the center of Rome in 2006, a new entertainment venue called Elite 2 was created in the same place. This stylish and modern strip club located in A short walk from the Trevi Fountain, it offers an extensive interior, while the main bar serves cocktails so you don’t miss any performances while waiting for drinks and you can enjoy lap dancing on one of the leather sofas. Private rooms are also available. The club is open Monday to Saturday from 23:00 to 4:00.

Blue night

Via S. Getullo, 92, 00131 Rome The club is located about half an hour east of the city, not far from SR5 on the road to Tivoli. A large club with a bar and regular visitors, dancers perform in a modern setting.

Blue night

Evening entertainment at Blue Night includes art shows with regular artists as well as tours including pornstar performances. You can also enjoy lap dancing while watching acrobatic and strip shows. They hold regular events, including the popular Roma Sex festival, where many international stars perform.

Club Paradise

Via Lanciano, 56, 00156 Rome Club Paradise, located about 10 km from historic Rome, is

a popular holiday destination for locals.

Club Paradise

This is not the largest club on the list, and its design is quite traditional (places in a semicircle around the main stage), but the dancers have a good reputation and the bar staff are quite friendly. The main bar and stage are lit with neon lights, and most of the performances take place on a pole with dancing on his knees. Private rooms are also available, they are designed in a simple but modern way. Club Paradise is open Monday to Saturday in the afternoon and evening from 16:30 to 19:00 and from 21:30 to early morning /

Sex spa

Olimpo therme

Via dei Pescatori 495/A, 00125 Rome This sex spa is a kind of swing club. This elegant and erotic bath celebrates free-spirited love between singles and couples. Combining dry and wet spaces for play, this place is

one of four establishments operated by the same company throughout Italy.

Olimpo therme

Entrance is by membership only, so you will need to contact the club if you want to participate. Also, keep in mind that some evenings are only available to couples. The spa is open daily from 15:30 to 01:00.

Street prostitutes

Street prostitution in Rome is a very popular way to hire a prostitute for locals and tourists, and the city caters well to the high demand. It should be noted that the law does not prohibit the purchase of sex services from the streets, but women are prohibited from attracting clients. It is also illegal to have sex in public, so in order to hire a street prostitute, you need to foresee the additional cost of renting a room (she may have an apartment).

Many hotels discourage the use of street prostitutes, and having sex in your car can land you in deep trouble. While the industry is largely tolerated by the authorities, many people in Rome are not so liberal and would rather see street prostitution banned or regulated in certain areas. Despite the high demand for street sex workers, the city does not have an official red-light district.

Sex Cinema

Blue moon shows

Via dei Quattro Cantoni, 53, 00184 Rome

Originally a traditional film show, Blue Moon has existed since the 1970s, but in 1985 it changed its format to burlesque and various performances (including porn stars), and the show is still held in a cinema hall setting. When there are no performances on stage, the audience returns to showing hardcore porn, and you can often enjoy a full 360-degree view of the entertainment! The bar serves cocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Blue Moon Show is open from Monday to Sunday from 16:00 to 3:00.

Sex shops

There are dozens of sex shops in Rome, and you can find the usual assortment of erotica, including bedroom accessories, underwear, DVDs, magazines, and novelties. We have listed the best places below:

  • Zhou Zhou, Vicolo della Cancelleria, 9, 00186 Rome
  • Eros Planet Sexy, Via Aurelia, 342-344, 00165 Roma
  • Sexy Shop Lady Godiva, Via dei Mille, 44, 00185 Rome
  • Joy Sensual, Via Veturia, 42, 00181 Rome
  • Veleno, Circonvallazione Nomentana, 252 / 254, 00162 Rome
  • Cobra, Via Barletta, 23, 00192 Rome
  • i-love, Via Nocera Umbra, 170, 00181 Rome
  • Roma Sexy, Viale Giustiniano Imperatore, 179, 00145 Rome

Vending machines

If you need immediate access to some savory items, then you can find vending machines throughout the city. They offer a basic assortment of essentials, including dildos, porn, vibrators and condoms. Some of the popular 8-hour automatic sex shops include several Sex is Now and Il Vizietto outlets (XNUMX stores throughout Rome).

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