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It is presented to the general public with an original business, as the story told through its website: The protagonist is called Candice Christopher, an American citizen, a model on one side and an entrepreneur on the other hand, Candice speaks of a “mother” -like inspiration that since she was a child taught him how to cook, but above all the great values of life. This interview is the most authentic, original of Candice Christopher who has made of her life a kind philosophy, “becomes what you are” so an interview that traces a first balance of her life without looking back and so that Candice starts our interview saying : there is still much to do.

it is said that a simple idea can change the world … can you tell us about your idea?
how do you start?

I started my company while I was working in a job in finance for a Hedge Fund in Fort Lauderdale, this was back in 2008 when I was 24. The market here in America crashed and I ended up losing my job in 2009. This gave me the opportunity to focus solely on building my business – something I could be passionate about. I was unfulfilled in finance – I graduated college majoring in fashion design so doing something creative was much more my calling. I started up my bakery out of my home kitchen. The first few months were spent testing recipes, taking pictures, and creating a website. Orders for friends, charity events, community gatherings, and attending wedding expos was how I got the word out. When I first started I was offering cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. As I progressed in recipe research I came upon a blog showcasing cake pops made from box mixes. I found the treat fascinating and began creating recipes from scratch for the cake pops – I probably tested out over 20 red velvet recipe variations before I got the perfect taste and consistency. People really gravitated to the new and unique offering, so I decided that I would focus 100% on the cake pops and be the best at it. At a small event I caught the eye of two investors that loved the idea of what I was doing. At that point I was able to upgrade from my home kitchen to a bakery space and buy the equipment needed to produce on a larger scale. Around this time, I was also able to obtain the domain name – this was before cake pops became popular. It took off from there.

Do you think that your beauty may have helped a lot in your career? or at least when it started? 

Perhaps my beauty may have helped a tiny bit but in my business the quality of my product is the major factor. When it comes to food and dessert people really don’t care how you look and most of the time I am behind the scenes anyway! A bakery can be a labor-intensive environment. If I don’t take care of my health and fitness mentally and physically I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of the intense schedule. I think this has been a great way of staying in shape. I think also doing something that you love and making people smile creates a beauty from within. The beauty is created from love of what you do.


Photographer: @johnciambrone

Model: @candyscakepops

Hairstylist: @tanyalh13

Makeup/styling: @jamiejmagic

Wardrobe: @mafe2085

when you look in the mirror what do you see?

I see someone that I am proud of. For the most part my bakery attire consists of yoga pants, T-shirt, and an apron with my hair up in a bun. Getting glammed up with a fabulous outfit with hair and make-up is like playing dress up. Taking the time away for a photoshoot is something that I do for myself – its like my own little treat, something that can take me away from just the identity of owning a bakery. I enjoy that I can be multifaceted.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself travelling more. When starting up my company it was like having a baby – a lot of responsibility and time nurturing something I loved. Now I have more help and I feel like I would be able to explore the world more. I enjoy learning and experiencing other cultures. I also hope to expand my company in terms of production. I would like to streamline the manufacturing process. Cake pops can be very labor intensive to produce.

who are your references in life?
From the beginning – my mother has been my role model. She is who introduced me to baking. She has always been very creative – I got the baking spark from her.

Which audience is your product addressed to?
Cake pops appeal to a wide audience. From young to old. A majority of my orders are for birthdays and life events. I have done baby showers to 100-year-old birthdays and everything in between. I enjoy having the cake pops be apart of peoples’ special occasions.

You have achieved many goals, there are still dreams in the drawer?
Of course! I don’t think there will ever be a time when I stop wanting to enhance and improve my life. At this time, now that I have the bakery running well, I would like to become more of a face of my company. I would like to make how-to videos and showcase new products on social media.
a last question … the meaning of life?-
The meaning of life?- You are the creator of your life and you should take ownership of where you are at in any given moment. We are the creators of our experiences and we have a choice on how we view it. Enjoy the ride!

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