Dave Cobert: A complex man of great talent

Dave Cobert, a very talented American actor who Has participated in famous films all over the world, we at break magazine have interviewed him exclusively

Dave Cobert,  a very talented American actor, who has participated in popular films all over the world, you can find him on imdb to understand his experience, today we interviewed him for break magazine.


























As a first question I would like to ask you how your passion for cinema is born?

Going to the cinema with my family was always magical.  Being the youngest of five, and encompassed in this whirlwind of excitement with my parents, brothers and sisters, all getting ready to get down to the theater early enough to get tickets, popcorn, sodas, snacks, and seats all together to look up at that giant screen with a bunch of strangers locked in anticipation ready to be totally immersed in a story, transcended, and experiencing this magnificent work of art at the same time and place… pure magic… 

In a few words, how do you define yourself as an actor?

One hundred percent committed: when you respect the story, the art, and find your character in that place, you can’t go wrong.

Is there an actor who is your source of inspiration?

I value the actor-director relationship immensely.  When I was little, we were only allowed to watch tv on the weekends.  So every week I would get the tv guide from the newspaper, and read it cover to cover, learning about all the movies, actors and directors,  trying to figure out what to watch. We didn’t have a tv in the kitchen so it was always a big deal to get the okay to roll the tv in from the family room for dinner.  Sergio Leone’s “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” with Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach was always an automatic yes and Clint was an early source of inspiration.  Later on when I was in College, after seeing Martin Scorsese’s, “Goodfellas” with Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci, I was inspired to create my own major, and start the first Film Production Program at Providence College which still exists today.
What happens in your private life? what’s beyond the actor?
Besides traveling, experiencing other places, cultures, and events, I still love playing basketball and sports.  I also have another life in stand up comedy, and have been known to sing and never lose a battle on the dance floor.
Is there an actor you would like to work with?
Working with somebody that knows the craft can give you a natural high, and I feel like I’m on cloud nine anytime performing with A list actors that I’ve admired their work for years.  I feel my performance elevated whenever opposite them in a scene.  De Niro , Pacino, Clint, Meryl, and Walken are just a few on an ongoing long list of others known and unknown to work with.


what are the difficulties of being an actor in america?
I’m sure it’s the same in other countries: first you have to be right for the part, then you have to sell yourself on being right for the part amidst any doubts from others and above all the other competition, then the project has to follow through and get the final greenlight to actually be made.  Then your schedule has to align with production’s schedule, and unless you get a part on an established television show that works like a machine, sometimes you need a miracle and all the stars to align for a movie to be made, and this is why I also write, produce, and direct.





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