DC publisher Dan DiDio says the line will add more original material and move into the comic book specialty store market later this year.

Addressing speculation about the fate of the Walmart-exclusive 100-Page Giant line following leaks from last weekend’s ComicPRO meeting in North Carolina, DC publisher Dan DiDio has revealed that the significant changes are coming to the line — but that’s good news for most parties involved.

Following rumors from the comic book industry meeting that the line, which recently expanded to six titles — The Flash and Swamp Thing joining SupermanBatman and the newly re-titled Titans and Wonder Woman — would be ending soon, DiDio clarified that the inverse was true, and that the only thing ending was Walmart’s exclusivity.

“Successful and continuing,” DiDio shared on Facebook. “For those fans of the DC Giantsat Walmart, have to clear up some misinformation making the rounds. Just want to let you know these books are doing well, so well that we are looking to expand the number of original pages in each book and include distribution to the direct market. Look for these and new titles later this year. The promise is to keep it one of the best values and reading experiences in the market.”

Each issue of the 100-Page Giant line to date features 12-pages of original material alongside reprints of three full-length issues of recent comic book issues, with creators involved including some of DC’s biggest names including Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis.

The announcement of DC pushing the line beyond Walmart exclusivity comes on the heels of the news that DC Collectibles will release a new line of Batman Black & Whitemini-figures, with each wave of figures debuting in Walmart ahead of wider release through comic book retailers.

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