Dragons’ Den star Vincenzo Guzzo has become one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs. In this revealing interview with Dolce, Guzzo talks about the triumphs and tragedies which have shaped his life.


An inspiring impresario, Vincenzo Guzzo has his hand in many pots. As president and CEO of Cinémas Guzzo, the chain is now the largest independent operator in Quebec and the third-largest movie exhibitor in Canada. Guzzo also owns Groupe Guzzo Construction Inc., one of the most successful general contracting outlets in Quebec, two fine-dining pizzerias, Giulietta, and has entered the retail food space with Good Pantry, Giulietta@Home and Mr. Sunshine Popcorn, all of which grew from the family business of running independent movie theatres, which his father started in 1974.

“We build a better mousetrap at a lower cost,” says Guzzo, about his family theatre empire in his lengthy sit-down with Dolce. The interview covers many aspects of his personal life, his business philosophy and the future of theatres after the pandemic is over in this revealing portrait. Among them:

• He is worried about skyrocketing inflation and rising interest rates and the impact on the overall economy, saying, “There is nothing great about having a country and its people suffer through economic insecurity.”

• He feels the theatre business will recover from the pandemic shutdowns because “people don’t want to stay in their homes anymore,” as they miss community experiences.

• Guzzo also speaks from the heart about the tragedy of his parents losing four other children in infancy due to a rare medical condition. “There is a lot of pain at the heart of the Guzzo story,” he admits.

Guzzo also speaks about his family’s philanthropic efforts on behalf of cancer research and mental health issues, for which he is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. The interview is an in-depth glimpse of the man behind the show-business personality, showcasing an engaging, expressive and unbridled optimist.


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