“Dubai deal” Russian and Polish models and celebrities have served as a luxury escort in Dubai. There is a price list of their services

The 2015-Dubai Dubai 2015 business is still quiet. And thanks to Piotr Krysiak, who conducted a journalistic investigation, and published his shocking results in the book titled “Girls from Dubai.” Every day there are new, surprising details.

This time, the “Pudelek” website has reached the price list for services offered by Polish photo models and celebrities who went to Dubai, too high prices and luxury gifts. They met all the Arab sheik’s erotic shades. As it turned out, the girls also had Polish clients.

“Pudelek” published a fragment of the conversation that he reached. From its record, we can find out what the mechanism for managing customers was.

– I have already sent an email with a suggestion, I would also like to respond. I think we will have a set for Wednesday.

– But with a single?

– Yes, because I’ll send it one by one. For now, I sent one, she wants and is willing. I think it’s very nice. She is 29 years old, she is tall and very nice. It’s also because the girls are nice and nice and not starbursts.

– Well, of course.

The client had to look at the girls and give a response if he is interested. When he decided he had to transfer the advance payment to the sent account number. The amount has already been given.


The portal also publishes a record of the next conversation during which negotiations on Joanna B. (daughter of a well-known Polish musician, sentenced for the recruitment of luxury prostitutes) with the customer in progress. Here are some specific amounts.

– I think we do not have to think about this girl because I know her possibilities in general. I can send you next time with three or four suggestions, but I would not reject her, because she is a very good girl and very nice.

– We do not definitely reject, but I would like to choose something …).

– It’s different, it depends on the girl, now we have from 2.5 to 3 thousand prices.

Maybe you can find something for 2.5 for me.

Sheikh would then answer that he would wait until he got a set, and then he would decide and transfer the advance payment. He informed Polk that he is not alone and he must consult a friend

– I wait for you to get a set, then you decide and pay the advance. Because you know, I’m not alone, just with a friend, I have to consult.

From the portal’s data it seems that the price list for services was dependent on several factors, including where and how long the girl needed and to fulfill what wishes she was willing to agree and who she did not. We would like to remind you that among these “services” was the fulfillment of even the most extreme and humiliating erotic desires.

“Dubai Affair”

The case was discussed in 2015 when bloggers from Tag Sponsor performed a provocation that showed that Polish celebrities and photo models, as opposed to reward and luxury gifts, are ready to meet the Arab sheiks from Dubai, even those most extreme and humiliating. The case saw daylight, because screen shots of conversations, under which working conditions were determined, were published on the web

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