Dubai escort arrested for client complaint

A woman was charged with prostitution after reporting a client for only paying half of his bill. She had been put in touch with the Saudi client, 25, through a WhatsApp number that advertises prostitution. Details of the case emerged as the woman went on trial at Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday. “The WhatsApp number belongs to a woman who runs a brothel and I have contacted her previously,” the man told police. Prior to visiting the UAE on October 12, the man contacted the brothel and arranged for a woman to meet him at his hotel room in Dubai. Chats retrieved by police from his iPhone X showed that he had agreed to pay Dh1,200 for the woman, 22, from Morocco. The woman arrived to his hotel room in Al Qusais and spent nearly three hours with him, consuming alcohol and having sex. When she wanted to leave, she said the man only gave her Dh600. When he refused to pay any more, the woman called police and reported him. Police arrived to the hotel room and apprehended the couple. Several video recordings on both of their mobile phones proved that the two engaged in intimate relations. They were both charged with having consensual sex outside of wedlock and consuming alcohol. The woman was additionally charged with prostitution.

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