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At Fashion Break Magazine we interviewed for this new issue a special woman, a reference for many artists and sculptors, it is appropriate to say a true living work of art, her name is Emily Anselin Vivo in Toulouse, in the south-west of France but Born in Paris 39 years ago, today Emily is a true professional of fashion and photography. His shots do not go unnoticed, when they have a very powerful and unconscious symbolic representation in many ways. Emily is one of those models who like to carefully choose her collaborators with work, in fact her boyfriend is a professional photographer. But Emily is also a woman engaged on other fronts responsible for the organization of filming, the relationship with customers and commercial development. And thirdly, I organize workshops or master classes for different artists. I organize my first workshop in June in Portugal for three fantastic French photographers: Martial LENOIR, Nicolas LARRIERE and Franck SONNET (Www.workshopnude.com) My work is my passion. I am so happy to work in the field of art. It is a real pleasure to be independent in my work. I organize my work as I want. important to live it.


Hi Emily Anselin can you tell us about the most significant moments of your
photomodel career?

Hi ! Thank you for your interest. I am a photo model for 4 years. The beginning of my carrer is one of the most significant moment. I began photos with Cedric Nöt, a french artistic photographer. We met us on an audiovisual project (a movie about customized bikes). I discovered his talent and I loved it right away. At that time, he worked on his serie « Lhymb ». I had to pose nude in the nature amid the trees and lichen and we should not see my face. This place is totally amazing.It’s in Pyrenees in France. The photo of this shooting was a success. It was published on web magazine and Panobook 2014.I loved to move in the nature, totally nude. Since this shooting, I posed nude in the snow, in the snowflake, in rivers with a very cold water, on rocks (climbing). We saw my body but we never saw my face. And last year, I met Gilles Defaix, an other french photographer who live in Lyon. He
said to me « I am going to shoot your body, of course ! but me, I want to shoot your face ». He knew that it was difficult for me because I didn’t like my face on photo. I knew how to put my body in value but my face ? I didn’t know. We worked, he brought me his experience and… I succeeded ! well I think (laugh) And the last most significant moment in my photomodel carreer is my meeting with my boyfriend, Franck Sonnet. He is a professional photographer. He contacted me for a shooting for one of his serie. We met us before the shooting to drink a coffee. This coffee lasted… 6 hours ! We spoke a lot and we didn’t make photos this day. I came back next morning (I lived at 2hours at this time). Our first photos are horrible !
Neither of us were concentrated.

How do you see yourself in five years?
It’s a good and difficult question because I am a woman who live day-to-day « Carpediem ». I am 39 years old and i already had a lot of life. My first job was riding instructor. I have a engineering degree in agribusiness. I worked more than 5 years in this industry like a manager. I left everything in 2004. After, I have been barmaid, trainer in management, assistant manager in audiovisual and event and now I am a model ! Today, I love my job because I do a lot of different activities and I learn everyday. I hate bored ! In five years, I hope that I’ll always be an independant woman in my work. I hope that I’ll work again in the art. If no, I would dream to have my restaurant or a bar in a warm country !!


What relationship do you have with beauty?
I love beauty of people. Women like men. Physical beauty is important in our society. It’s a shame but I think it’s easier in this world when we have a nice physical appearance. Beauty has no age for me. For example, I prefer beauty of men aged 40-50 years old than men 20 years old. On the other hand, I prefer beauty of women younger. Be careful, some women age very well but, unfortunately, wrinkles are better for men.For me, interior beauty is more important because beauty lasts in the time.

After reaching so many goals do you have a dream in the drawer?Yes, I have many dreams ! Dreaming is very important. I don’t know if I will be model again in few years but I hope to continue to work with artists as long as possible. I would love to become a writer or realize a movie. I would love to create. I hope that a day, i go to live in south America, Asia or South Europa. I hope to have a bar on the beach and organize concerts (I love music). I would love to work with animals or nature and defend them. I am an ecological girl since my childhood. My dreams change with time. I listen my body and my desires. I work to realize my dreams.

Is there a place in the world where you would like to go and live and why?
Travel is one my favourite activities. For me, it’s the best school of life. It learns humility, tolerance and openness. I would love to live in South America in Costa Rica. It’s a country very ecological and very open on nature. I love Portugal, Greece and Italy too. I would love to live in a warm country. I love sun and gastronomy so it’s important for me that I like food of the country where i live. I prefer to live in nature than in town. Nature is very important for my spirit.

What is your relationship with your body?
Today I am very comfortable with my body. I prefer to be nude than with clothes. I am a naturist woman so nudity is natural for me. Before, I had a complicated relationship with my body. I was a complexed child. I found me too fat with breast too big. My friends were tall and fine and I found me
small and fat. So, when I was 17 years old, I decided to slim. I lost 23kg. Today, I recognize that I lost too much kilograms but i’m fine, I am a happy woman in my body and it’s the most important for me. Today, I arrive to look at me and I find that I am a pretty woman. Believe me, it’s a big step for me. I am happy to have confidence in myself. Self-confidence is an essential quality in this world. And I have confidence in my friends if this quality turns into egocentrism 😉

Were there any hard times in this job?
For me, there are two hard times in this job : the attitud of model or attitud of photographers. I hate competition between models. I did shooting with several models. Sometimes feeling is good between us and sometimes, one of the girls want to be the most beautiful, the one we see the most. Some photographers like to work with me when we are several models because I laught a lot. This helps to free everybody.Some photographers are not professionnal. It’s difficult when we are a nude model. We have a lot of solicitations. It’s important for me to answer everyone but it’s a lot of
time. Some photographers are no correct with models. It’s not a secret, some famous photographers have recently fallen for models abuse.
Unfortunately, like every models, I was confronted with this kind of persons.

On what basis do you choose a photographer? or better, what features
should it have?
I am an exacting model. I choose photographers according to their work and ethics. I don’t want to pose for every photographers. With internet it’s important to take care. I don’t want to see photos of me than I don’t like or degrading. To choose a photographer, I have to love his work and his attitud. It’s a small world. We discuss with others models. When a photographer is not clean, we know it quickly. Model is one of my business activities. So I am not doing collaboration anymore. I accept only paid shooting.

What do you hope to communicate with your body?
I hope communicate sensuality, eroticism, strenght and girl power. My body is mine. It’s a mean of communication. It symbolizes the passing time,
confidence in myself and power that I have.  I would like to communicate the power of body at the others women. We are beautiful
and strong. Show it !

Would you like to write a book of your life and with what title?

Yes I love writing and I would dream to write a book of my life. It’s difficult to find atittle because I am young again and my life is not finished. Maybe « 50 shades of me » (laugh)

There is an unprofessional “photographer with whom you would like to

I would like to work with a photographer and artist who live in Toulouse in France. His name is Joël BARDEAU. We have a project together. It’s a great artist and I love his work. He exposed in Arles two years ago in the Festival of nude art photography.

The meaning of life?
The meaning of life ? it’s simple : LIVE ! dare, share, travel, respect others people and do that we want. Ok, I leave in a country where my dreams are possible and I don’t have child so it’s easier for me to say that. We have one life. It’s important to live it.

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