Emmanuelle Mercier: free to imagine

today we at Break Magazine devote our cover Emmanuelle Mercier photomodel of French origin, Emmanuelle represents one of those faces of the romantic cinema of the 60s that of Jeanne Moreau to understand each other in a France where harmony and love reigned. Emmanuelle lends itself to a shot titled “FREE OF IMAGINARY” that imagination now lost in many ways, immortalized by Saul Abraham the artist seeks to enclose the profound sense of being, a picture in many ways timeless, an image where the unconscious is the master. Emmanuelle expresses the taste of beauty and says: I am fully aware of my beauty but basically it is an outward appearance, I am used to understanding people in their profound what makes a person really beautiful. Emmanuelle talks to us about her model projects and among these also dreams to make a long journey through the world, a way to know and to know each other. He loves keeping fit with a healthy diet and getting around on a motorcycle, I try to take all the best aspects of life and enjoy it.




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