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Girls who choose to work as a high class escort are’nt your average normal looking girls, but genuine, beautiful and intelligent usually university college degree who choose to spend their time with clients. It is a way to quickly gain lots of income and to live a luxurious lifestyle. As a high class escort, girls meet clients all over the world in all sorts of places. We’re talking international travel, high end places & more.

High Class Escorts also are very diverse. They usually dress & fit to match most common placed to see or explore. They are also eloquent in language and do have certain knowledge about various topics or subject. The average age of a high class escort is in between 21 and 45 where usually a parttime or fulltime study or job and the working as a high class escort itself is more of a hobby rather then a (financial) need.


Girls who know they are talented in the first place, and want to spend their time rightfully with either joining a high end escort agency or working for themself. Meeting high end clients is what this is all about. Time in exchange for money and it’s a serious business. Some clients have the most astonishing wishes or desires, and even book girls oversea’s with airplane’s and assure a private driver upon arrival of the airport.

Lots of fun, social and erotic times where this is usually a time to not to forget. With our website you’ll find basic & trustworthy information with experience from the business. Also payments and what to expect is highlighted, and certainly things to lookout for. We list, value & present you exclusive high class agency’s who are on the lookout for A grade girls with high payments and steady bookings.


A typical income for a high class escort varies in between € 150 up to € 250 an hour. Depending on what looks, provided services and more important overal impression. For nations outside of the European Union such as United States the value an hour will be at equal level as well. An escort can be tipped with extra’s or even spoiled with gifts or other things. What matters is the client is paying for a great time together.

If you take a weekend for example in where one or more bookings are presented the estimated revenue can go from € 500 up to € 4000 a weekend. This obviously depends on the agency you are working for and what (high end) clients they are targetting. A good high class escort agency is capable of keeping you busy during the dates you are available, so make sure to join a respected high class escort service.


Being a high class escort is’nt about laying on the beach with a drink and enjoying your time with a client. They have expectations and sex obviously is a healthy role in this. Having some experience could be mandatory but some clients really love unexperienced females. As long as what you do is with a certain passion and provided excellence you can be one of the better high class escorts out there.

We would not recommend as a starter to jump into this business but explain your situation, and ask for certain guidance. A good agency is willing to help you with this and assure you have steady and / or easy going clients. With our help you can find these top ranked, listed and most respected escort service’s out there in various country’s all over the world. You can apply today by using our website for more info.


It’s no secret that as a high class escort you are able to travel using a yacht, a private airplane or be escorted by clients their own driver in the most high class setting you could ever imagine. That is if you attract these high end clients. A good agency can provide these and assures you a great time. If your interested in living a lifestyle full of luxury then this is perhaps your once in a lifetime chance.

Dont be mistaken that this upper end or elite high class service is for everyone. It is for a very select group of girls who belong to the top tier of escorts in the World. Obviously as a high class escort you can be spoiled or given gifts by your clients; it is a interesting time to be in and obviously with a little help from our site we can get you going legally within a reasonable amount of time.


In order to work as escort you have to dig down into the country you are resident or in planning to be resident in and working as a high class escort. Some country’s do allow legal prostitution such as Netherlands, Germany and more. Other country’s are more strict and in some it’s even forbidden and / or punishable by law if you openly advertise with prostitution. It is important to know if what you do is legal.

We highly recommend the minimum age of 21 and above since in our experience, this is a good age to start with. With some countries prostitution is forbidden and basicly service could only be sold as “private time” and where any sexual activities cannot be promoted and is a choice of two adults. Second you have to remember that your working on a voluntary basis where you are boss of your own body, at all time.


When you start as a high class escort with zero to none experience, other then dating men you have to understand a few things to be (fully) aware off. Do your homework in terms of which agency you start with, or when your wanting to be a independent escort you can consider starting as a professional with a Website as High Class Escort from which is the perfect start. Girls have excellent experience.

Agency’s who just started are’nt quite capable of providing work that most higher end and established brands can do. Second there’s lots of advertisements of unofficial “managers” who make claims to make up to € 500 a day. It is very difficult to get a clear view of all the information thats available on the internet. What we do know is that we at do our homework and make your day easier.


There’s quite some interest in the idea of girls working in Dubai as escort or companion. We would like to warn girls for a few things that it is’nt what it seems and it’s highly likely your going to get expelled from the country. Any form of prostitution in Dubai is forbidden. Second the high payments some clients provide come with a extrmely humiliating experience. We recommend you reading Porta Potty and the meaning to it.

Above is no joke, and it’s testimony is real from various girls who made the steps to work as a escort in Dubai or common other arab countries. The values for western women are completely different then men from the west. If you still feel like working as a escort, we highly recommend Courtesans Escort Amsterdam. This leading & professional agency in Amsterdam the Netherlands provides.



It’s exciting upon every date and booking you will get – the job as a escort professional leads to new & never to be seen adventures over and over again. It’s in particular this lifestyle that makes the job of a high class escort so amazing. With our website you’ll get to see the best and most known agency’s all over the world and a free of charge or open application where nothing comes with small letters. You’ll love what you do and even tho it feels tense or nervous, that will go away in a while. Check it out and be trained by the best professionals in this busines who seek to pass their experience among others. Our website Work as Escort only works on legitimate & legal basis.

Get Best Help, Experience and guidance from professionals


Most good and established escort agencies often do have field experience of their own and managed to bring their establishment to a next level. This with selection of perfect matching clients and having a overall excellent reputation in regards of their females who work as a escort. When you join such brands and are new to this business you can expect training and the best tricks teached in order to become a fully high class escort professional on the market. With this in mind you can thrive through a fantastic & adventurous time together. Use our website for more info on the page of signup and start exploring today. You’ll get a response within 24 hours discreet with no strings attached.

Find Best Escort Agencys to Work with


As a good looking and potential high class escort, you sure want to join established and big high class agency’s that provide national and international service to various clients. Think of traveling, exploring big city’s, hollidays or simple dinner dates followed with a rendez vous to a nearby hotel. The good part about escort is that it is a job that always takes place at a clients house or hotel and does not breach your personal privacy. As a high class escort it’s perfectly possible to be or stay under an alias. You have the absolute privacy you need even if your furfilling a important job or position. Use our website to signup for more information about finding the Best Escort Agency’s.

Get started as a high class escort within 24 hours


When you signup by using our website you are guaranteed to recieve a response within 24 hours. This assures you a application done with a supervisor which threats you discreet and 99.9% of the time performed by a female owner. Second; if your living in a country abroad, and your trying to find a job in another country, we must insist that you have to live in that country first with all legal requirements before you can even apply for a job as a high class escort. Nobody is going to help you facilitate housing because that would be illegal. People who do so are proberly going to make money off of you and this is not the way to do it.

Once you start as a high class escort youll find best paying clients


It would be highly illegal as well when you would get into the hands of a wrong individual even tho their intentions might look good. It differs per country and we can only advise you to do your homework. With our website you’ll find a listing of only highly awarded, existing & respected escort agency’s that hire high class escort girls and provide them not just with work but also safety and anything legal in that matter. Alternatively you can also signup as a webcam model if you are looking for a quick way to earn money only by one of the largest operators at the moment. This gives you a starting point if your looking for work in the adult business.

Working as a independent high class escort


If your already familiar with working as a high class escort you could also shoot for a next step. Think of a website as your personal business card, with professional photo’s, excellent marketing and much more. A good source for this is which speaks perfectly english and provides exactly what you need. Even on remotely basis over 13 years of experience. Thanks to a large network of websites, contacts & more promotion, seo, marketing can be done in less then 6 weeks all together. As a independent the avg income is far higher since the agency is no longer in the middle. However planning & more is now in your hands.



We highly advise university educated, talented and young girls (21+) to take a look at A international, true & experienced high class escort agency that provides clients who only seek the best on international level, city’s and even countries the best escorts of choice. You can opt-in online for applications on the Casting Page Work Escort Girls and take a brief moment to furfill all the obligations on a discreet way. Please note that this high class escort agency really lifts the bar in terms of quality girls, and that not every one will be accepted. Girls with talent and the thrill to a new life really should give it a chance. You can be resident in various countries to join Top Companions.

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