Escort job in Dubai earn 4000 euros per day

offer a job to attractive girls with a desire to earn a lot of money and make model career.

We offer a highly paid job in an escort service in Dubai. This is a unique opportunity to become an escort model and escort our wealthy clients. You just have to earn and enjoy your life. In addition, our agency assumes all the travel expenses including accommodation payment, flights and visa.

ositive feedbacks
Our agency has been working in the escort field for more than 10 years. We have given a good account of ourselves.

The minimum income starts from $ 5 000
Your earnings depend only on you. The more successfully you perform your duties, the faster your wage grows. Most of our girls have already managed to buy a car, an apartment, luxury accessories, so now they just enjoy life.


Complete confidentiality and 100% security
We provide guarantees for the confidentiality of your personal data and absolute safe cooperation under the guidance of your personal manager.

Ability to combine work in Dubai with study or official job
You will be able to do whatever you want, because you will plan your schedule by yourself.

urely, you are already interested in the offer! We will tell you more about your duties.

Our girls escort wealthy men to business meetings or negotiations, conferences or vacations, enjoying the sights of Dubai. The work is given only 30% of your time, the rest is only at your disposal. In addition, our agency assumes all the travel expenses including accommodation payment, flights and visa.

Pretty appearance and perfect body
If you have natural beauty, working in an escort in Dubai will bring you not only bright emotions, but also profitable acquaintances.

Sociability and activity
Our escort models should have perfect communication skills and broadened horizons.

The desire to grow in the career
The most purposeful girls do not just earn about $ 10,000, but also travel constantly at the expense of our company (Turkey, UAE, Italy, Montenegro, Thailand, Bali).

With policies that encourage innovation, investment and the development and implementation of the most pioneering technologies, Dubai is on the verge of achieving its many goals—from being the smartest city in the world to a centre for business and partnerships

Dubai has left no stone unturned to invest and develop innovative, emerging and smart technologies to make it a truly future-forward city. With initiatives that underline these efforts—mainly Dubai Data Strategy, Dubai 10X, Smart Dubai 2021, Dubai Blockchain Strategy and Dubai Pulse Platform, among others—the city is poised to become one of the smartest cities in the world and a leader in technology and innovation, impacting the lives of not only its citizens but also businesses that will benefi ..
Then there’s the Dubai Internet of Things (IoT) strategy which is aiming to build the most advanced IoT ecosystem to transform the city into a model smart city. Alongside this, the Dubai Data Wealth Initiative will work towards protecting the city’s digital wealth and help it become 100 per cent digital and paperless, garnering an expected USD 9.2 billion by 2021.

A hub for ICT business

When it comes to technology and innovations, especially in fields like robotics, fintech and AI, Dubai leads the way, with the highest FDI in these sectors. Further, its pro-business policies and initiatives to create a data-driven economy by implementing the latest technologies, be it 5G communications, cloud, big data analytics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, autonomous transport and blockchain technology (that will make the ci ..


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