find work in Dubai as an escort for 4000 dollars a night

Dubai for 5000 euros a day, one of the escorts with “childish faces” recruited by Middle Eastern millionaires speaks: “Arabs in bed? Concentrate on themselves. Brutal. Not hot like Italians. The relationship lasts a few minutes” 2. “the sheikhs force us to have blood tests to be able to have unprotected intercourse. unwanted illness or pregnancy? it’s a risk that I take ”

3. ” terrorism and sharia law? they do not see each other. it’s almost a dream world, isolated from the rest. I don’t recognize myself in that culture, in that environment of unbridled luxury. I go trying to raise as much money as I can and then I go back to Italy, to my boyfriend ”


Not hordes of poor thugs who, without order, sow terror and threat, not angry barbarians who devastate everything they touch and not even bloodthirsty criminals moved by collective delirium, but a real order, albeit bestial and inhuman, with its own paid army and loyal, with its own organization, its own rules, and, above all, extremely powerful from an economic point of view, for this reason, fearful.

“The Islamic State is probably the richest terrorist group ever known – says Matthew Levitte, director of the intelligence and counterterrorism program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – not integrated into the international financial system, and therefore not vulnerable”.


A wealth estimated at around 2 billion dollars. But where do these huge economic resources come from?

Robberies, kidnappings, human trafficking, extortion, theft, smuggling, but above all control of oil wells and refineries, at least according to Israeli sources. But also voluntary donations by important businessmen from the countries of the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait are some of the major financiers of the Islamic State militias.


A long and massive lead chain, but it would be more appropriate to say “golden”, of which the terrorist who blows himself up to kill other lives in the middle of the road is nothing more than a tiny ring, a pawn, a plastic toy soldier, or toilet paper, alienated and stuffed with explosives.

working as a model in DUBAI calls the manager Cristian Nardi CEO Break Magazine + 39 3279105006



All this is very curious in the light of an existing but unknown reality. They are luxuriant trips to exotic destinations, in extreme luxury hotels or villas of “a thousand and one nights”, internationally renowned DJs, parties lasting all day for weeks or months in the pool, parties aboard immense yachts. luxury, games, dinners, evenings in exclusive discos, but above all girls, many, many, dozens, sometimes hundreds, all beautiful and under 25, all European or American, preferably black, with childish faces and perfect bodies.

How much does a holiday like this cost? If you are a beautiful girl, not necessarily a model, you not only travel for free, but you also get paid: minimum 500 euros per day. An underground business capable of procuring hundreds of thousands of euros for those who manage it in absolute secrecy. But who recruits the girls? How? Where are they going? And who pays them above all? We asked these questions to a girl who made these trips until a few weeks ago.



For privacy reasons, we will not reveal her real name, calling her with a pseudonym: Simona. Simona is Italian, she is 24, she lives in Milan, a doll face, a thin body but with the right shapes, long brown hair. She tells us about these trips, calling them «fantastic, almost surreal experiences, in which we are all treated like princesses». Hairdressers, make-up artists, masseuses, wellness centers, have all kinds of services available

Simona, who organizes these trips?

“I have a contact, a lady who has been working in this area for several years, she is not Italian. You often change numbers for security reasons. She organizes, selects the girls, at the request of the clients ».


hi are the customers?

“Arab princes, billionaires.”

What are the goals?

“Dubai, Kuwait, Arab countries, but rarely also London, or Paris”.

How much are you paid per day?

“We are all paid from 500 to 2000 euros a day, but it often happens that we return from these trips with extra earnings, up to 10,000 dollars, which is the maximum amount allowed to be taken to Italy. If at the airport they find you cash in excess of this amount, then you have to leave it there ”

Have you ever brought this maximum amount of cash to Italy?

“Yes, more than once. I put the cash everywhere, in the suitcase,

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