Get Stunning Beach Views From This 70s Themed Vintage Margate Airbnb



This vintage Airbnb was a studio flat that was a jiffy away from this beautiful beach in Kent. This beach was Margate beach and also had Dreamland alongside it. Stepping back in the 70’s where the lava lamps, bell-bottom pants, the Brady bunch and David Bowie were known, and adored. The 70’s had house furniture knitted out in rattan, with humongous shades of burnt orange. We can see this trend crawling back in the millennial homes too.

A woman in Kent went one step ahead and transformed a part of her home into a seventies retreat. This haven had a view of sunny Margate sands on one side. The owner of the house Jessie Rose converted to the top floor of her townhouse, which was in central Margate. She converted it into a studio apartment. She started renting out this beautiful vintage studio flat that she created. She rented it to holidaymakers from all over the UK.

The interiors of this Airbnb highlighted the 70s kitchenette, the authentic vintage lights and the blue bathroom suite which was delivered from Cornwall. Adding to it the touch of burnt orange tile in the kitchen, the cushions and sofas of orange tint, an iconic poster from the 70’s, fronting onto the dreamland’s Ferris wheel. The people visiting had to go around Jessie’s house to enter the studio. This studio was on its private floor upstairs, with a private bathroom, living room and a lockable door.

It was right next to the beach and cost £60 per night, with three people staying. There was still availability for September and October, despite being popular. In the month of August, ten people posted a five-star review for the studio. They recommended the studio as one of the best places to stay in Margate. People loved their visit to the studio, the designs and process of this whole 70s vintage vibe house was appreciated. Elizabeth, Caroline and many more people added their reviews about this alluring little studio place.

They loved the window seating with the sea view. The place was authentic, it was surrounded by Dreamland, the beach, and all the restaurants nearby. Jessie was a great hostess and the guest felt warmly welcomed. They wished to return to the same place again. Jessie also helped them and gave them some good shopping recommendations. The check-in process was also very easy. Caroline added to this that she felt like she was back in her childhood and reminisced every moment.

Travelling should be full of memories and fun. The house should be appealing and should give the visitors a sense of belonging. This vintage studio house in Kent was one of the best staycation places for many people. It gave them a sense of belonging as they could relive their childhood memories and the service provided was really warm. The vintage look with orange tints was amazing. On the other hand, the view surrounding the studio was really alluring, the beach view and also Dreamland alongside made it extra beautiful.

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