here are the best places in monaco

The best bars in Monaco

Monaco is spoilt for choice when it comes to destination venues, from the inner sanctums of cosy night clubs to the sun-kissed elegance of rooftop terrace bars. Catering for year-round clientele who expect nothing but the best, Monaco’s finest bars more than deliver on beach bar jazz vibes, Mediterranean sea views and dancing the night away to the sound of international DJs.

Casino de Monte-Carlo


Monte-Carlo's Casino Square at dusk
Monte-Carlo’s Casino Square at dusk


The Casino de Monte-Carlo is a bastion of the Monaco nightlife. Located in the emblematic Place du Casino, its stunning Belle Époque architecture was designed by Charles Garnier. It’s one of the most exclusive gambling houses in the world and is so befitting of a James Bond visit that Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye were both filmed here. Just a short stroll from Port Hercules, it’s the perfect location to sit back and drink in your surroundings with a dry vodkatini to hand.

What you need to know

Open every day from 2pm to midnight, there is no official dress code though proper attire is expected. This rules out flip flops, shorts and sport shoes and looks kindly upon gentlemen in a blazer. The law enforces a strict Monte Carlo casino age limit of over 18, and Photo ID is required to enter.


Where the high rollers roll up
Where the high rollers roll up


The casino once generated over 95 percent of the Principality’s revenue, but today only visitors can wager under its roof after a 1987 law prohibited any Monégasque citizens from entering or playing, including the Princely family

Star in your own Bond movie

Wall-to-wall with chandeliers and frescoes, Casino de Monte-Carlo houses three of Monaco’s best-kept secrets. The Café de la Rotonde is a peaceful haven ideal for sipping on exquisite cocktails. The Salle Europe Bar is where the action happens.


For special guests, roulette on the terrace with views of the Mediterranean await
For special guests, roulette on the terrace with views of the Mediterranean await


Dripping in gilding and bas-reliefs, its majestic proportions are filled with live music and the patter of chips on felt. But for those who hold a My Monte-Carlo Gold, Platinum and Privé card, the exclusive Salle Blanche Bar with its hand-crafted mosaics and terrace gaming tables overlooking the Mediterranean is the embodiment of luxury itself.

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