in Dubai parties organized by English real orgies with escorts

Party mad Brits living it up in Dubai are risking jail for X-rated champagne-fuelled nights out.

Daily Star Online has obtained pictures from one wild night out in particular, where a woman donned a black bikini and partied with several men.

The threesome looked as though they were living the life of luxury at a five-star resort Daily Star Online will not name.

During the poolside frolicking, the men poured alcohol, believed to be champagne, all over the bottom of the woman.

One of the men positioned themselves underneath the woman and began drinking the champagne off of her bum.


It is unclear where the woman is from but the video was posted to an account owned by a Brit man.

Brits are going crazy for nightlife in 24-hour luxury Dubai (Image: Getty Images)

The Foreign Office advises women to not show their underwear but swimming attire should be work only on beaches or at swimming pools. According to the Foreign Office, making rude gestures, including online, are considered obscene acts and offenders can be jailed or deported.

Tourists, specifically non-Muslims, are able to drink in Dubai but they are given rules and regulations in relation to purchasing, transporting and consuming liquor in Dubai.

If Brits do not abide by these rules, they can be fined or even arrested in-country, there have even been cases of people being punished as a result of media posted online.

It urges people to “be aware of” their actions and “ensure” they don’t offend anyone as there could be “serious penalties.”

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