interview with Jon Mack, actress, American singer committed to the defense of animals


Today we interview an extraordinary woman, singer, actress committed to the defense of animals, Jon Marie is one of the most interesting faces of American cinema. We have seen her in many successful films such as: After Earth, The Fighters, Kill Chain with Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kwanten, 3D Spiders, Saw VI and many other films, a multifaceted prosecution that fits all characters, kind available , a beauty without limits … here are her words

What does it mean to be an actor in America and above all, what are the difficulties?

I think every actor has very personal reasons for loving this work and for me a large part of it is to tell interesting stories that have rich characters. Every role has it’s challenges, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or all of the above. I think many would agree with me in that the work itself is more a joy than difficulty but the truly challenging part is the ups and downs that come with this career and the unpredictability factor of all things in the entertainment industry. These can be very exciting but other times it is challenging to keep your focus and mind steady like a surfer waiting for the next wave. You don’t know where it will lead but you trust your instinct to do what feeds you creatively and enriches your experience in some way.


What happens in your private life?

 Being that it is a private life, I cannot say too much other than I love to travel and learn something new every chance I get. I am very involved with animals and helping to protect endangered species. I run a foundation called Defending the Endangered which raises money for organizations around the world who do just this. –

Can you tell us about your work day?

On set it is different every day and that is part of the excitement of this business. I love that we are creating our own world together within this world for a short time with a common creative goal.

Last question the meaning of life?

 To learn, to love, to laugh and just simply to become more of who you are meant to be. Perhaps the meaning is evolution in every form.

What is the role you have played that you are particularly attached to?

I have not had any roles in particular that I’ve felt attached to afterward. I think I’m at the moment since it’s where I am at any given moment. Some of them have been interesting about them.

Do you believe in love?

Of course!

Do you believe that in life we are all actors? I mean pretend to be someone?

Yes, I believe that we all play roles in life, even if it’s not consciously. As is usually the public and private selves. We do this for self preservation but it is very interesting for people who tend to do this. While I do not condone pretending, I do think it’s healthy to explore roles and our other selves as much as possible.

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