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Jasmin Shojai is not only a model, an actress, Jasmin is a point of reference for many women, an icon acclaimed by many fans of the web and not only … his gaze is conquering every day a large audience, sensuous, sexy, multifaceted, the his way of doing fascinates, conquers and here we interviewed him.


As a first question I would like to ask you the most significant moments of your career?
One of the most significant moments in my life was when I was awarded the national title of ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017’. I remember getting a phone call a few days before it was announced to the public. I was absolutely overwhelmed but so happy. It was definitely a very happy moment for me. I have had many other significant moments including when I was on TV, and when I starred as the main female role in a music video. It has definitely been an amazing journey

What relationship do you have with your beauty?
I always try to be myself, I think it is empowering to have confidence in yourself. I have confidence in my looks and in my body

After having reached many objects, are there still dreams in the little house?
I have many more dreams. I aim to reach out and be published on more covers of international magazines. One of my biggest goals is to become an actress and star in major films, and TV shows. I am currently in acting school and training to become a professional actress. Which is a lot of fun, I am learning so much

What relationship do you have a woman as beautiful as you with your body?
I love my body. I am happy with my shape. I go to the gym often to keep fit. And I find that really helps me.

Right now you’re working on an interesting project can you tell us what?
At the moment I just came back from the national finals of a pageant. Just prior to that I was on set doing a photoshoot and behind the scenes film for my YouTube Channel, JSM TV. It was such an incredible experience to work with the photographer, the hairstylist and the film crew. The trailer is currently out as we wait for the full behind the scenes film. The trailer has reached over 35’000 views on Facebook. Which is amazing. With JSM TV we are working to get it further. It is kind of a Reality show which documents all my photoshoots and other gigs that I have happening. We are very hopeful that our audience will increase and that the show will potentially be on TV.

Would you like to write a book of your life? and if so what could be the title?
I would definitely be interested in writing a book. I suppose the title would be ‘My Story’ or just full name. I think something with a simple title would be very cool.

Is there a professional “photographer with whom you would like to work?
There are so many, it would be difficult to name all of them. There are many professional photographers around the world that I would like to work with.

What happens in your private life?
In my private life, I love to work and stay healthy. As of recent I have enjoyed cooking healthy recipes. And when I am not busy with all of that, I am spending time with my 2 pet birds, which I adore so much

A last question the meaning of life?
That can definitely be a tricky one. And I truly believe and know that we all have a purpose. As of recent I learnt a very powerful truth, and that truth is that all of us were born for more. The meaning of life is to purely live it, and reach for the stars to achieve all of your dreams

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