Profilo Manager : M.A. Yusuff Ali il più ricchi miliardari che vivono a Dubai

  • Middle East retail king M.A. Yusuff Ali presides over $8 billion (revenue) LuLu Group International, with 255 stores and shopping malls in the Gulf and elsewhere.
  • Hailing from a village in Kerala state in south India, Yusuff Ali left for Abu Dhabi in 1973 to join his uncle’s small distribution business.
  • In April 2020, a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family reportedly acquired a 20% stake in LuLu for $1 billion.
  • Yusuff Ali is reportedly planning to list the retail business in 2023.
  • Other assets include the Waldorf Astoria in Scotland and the Great Scotland Yard Hotel, the former headquarters of the U.K. Metropolitan Police.
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