Sabrina Mouhieddine interview from emirates woman Best Magazine of Dubai

IN PARTNERSHIP: Many designers take the leap of faith to launch a successful business and Sabrina Mouhieddine is no different.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Mouhieddine launched her own homegrown label, Lili Blanc in April 2020. With a deep-rooted desire to “be free”, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to express her creativity and overcome social obstacles.

“For me, becoming an entrepreneur meant creating a world of infinite possibilities for the younger generation, as well as people around me,” she tells Emirates Woman. “Throughout my life, I wanted to inspire women around me and the younger generation to demonstrate that anything is possible if they set their minds to it.”

After moving to Dubai 10 years ago, she wanted to be able to inject her own style into the local fashion industry and decided to do something about it. She launched a brand to work hard and provide women with the correct garments that need for any occasion.

Despite the challenges and an overwhelming journey amid the pandemic, she chose to believe in herself and build a brand name that people around her started talking about. While the early days were hard in establishing her business, she remembered her father’s advice who said, “You should be the source of your own inspiration.”

Keeping this in mind she powered through and work on building her brand with immaculate attention to detail. “I like preciseness and perfect results. I am the type of woman who keeps moving forward,” she said.

Lili Blanc

From a young age, Mouhieddine was inspired by the lily flower, as her very own role model, her father used to call her that when she was a child as he explained, “It is a beautiful and strong flower, where it grows it overshadows its surroundings with beauty and power.” Thereby taking meaning from the same, she decided to incorporate this in her brand to resemble its significance.

As an opportunity seeker, she did not give up on her dreams and believed in her own strength without giving up. By taking inspiration from everything around us, Mouhieddine is an individual who takes in everything from her surroundings to learn including music, buildings, people or even a cup of coffee.

After launching her own homegrown label in April 2020, she took the fashion world by storm by breaking the conventional rules of dressing. With the passage of time, she realised how the Arab world lacked a combination of modern and comfortable clothing during her early years of living in the country.

Having moved to the region over 10 years ago, Lili Blanc’s creative founder and designer developed a keen understanding of what would make women feel independent yet stylish when they would be adorned in her pieces.

As a bold step in her career, she then made it to Arab Fashion Week to present her latest collection in a new light. With signature double-cupped suits and premium fabrics such as silks and satin, her vision to empower women translated into silhouettes that add a dash of attitude to everyday dressing. In standout hues such as red, green, beige, white and more, this luxe collection brought new-age pieces to life without compromising on quality.

To resonate with her strong personality as a designer, she wanted to create an SS22 collection that empowers women to dream big. Entitled ‘Dream in a City’, the collection features a mix of statement hues and structured silhouettes for an impressionable impact.

By showing that no vision is impossible to achieve, Mouhieddine is breaking the barriers of female entrepreneurs who are on a mission to fulfill their dreams.

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