Sheikh Hamdan The Explorer: Dubai’s crown prince goes hiking in Scotland

He’s swum with sharks before, chilled at the bottom of the sea, and casually pet wild animals. He’s the real explorer (Dora, you’ve got some competition) and he never fails to flaunt that side of him on social media.

Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan wins the internet one post at a time with his incredible sense of adventure. His most recent venture took place in Scotland. The Dubai royal recently posted a series of photos and one video on Instagram as he hiked the Scottish Highlands.

A true explorer at heart, the crown prince integrated epic drone footage into his video showing the country’s waterfalls, lakes, and lush green landscape.

*Ain’t nobody got time for that*

Source: Instagram/Faz3

What a group, right?

Source: Instagram/Faz3

Those lush green mountains

Source: Instagram/Faz3

Sheikh Hamdan did not specify where in Scotland he is lodging, but according to The National, his father owns a Highland estate in the country.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s ruler, owns a 30-bedroom estate on the remote Isle of Skye. So, maybe that’s where the crown prince is staying?

Who knows, but it doesn’t even matter, as long as he keeps entertaining us with his explorations.

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