Twitter is back with the promise fulfilled, which it made two months ago at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2019. In January, at CES Las Vegas event, the social media platform announced it was working on a new tool which would enable publishers to understand the kind of content oscillating among their readers.

Now, that the company has finally launched the new analytics dashboard which is a set of Publisher Insight tools in Media Studio zooming into the best time to publish the video. It will make it effortless for publishers and easy up their understanding of public engagement with a particular range of content and how well it is performing.

Though the company had described this tool as an early concept at CES 2019, as the advancement has hit the market now, it precisely justifies Twitter’s showcase at the event then.


Tool Features and Implementation

•  The dashboard displays the data in graphical representation where the hours of the day are denoted by x-axis and days of the week are across the y-axis.

•  Based on historical data, the graph appearing in shades of gray shows the on which days and times video engagement at tweet was most.

•  The company asserted that publishers are free to use the dashboard facility to examine the best time to post a video considering maximum engagement, conversation, and viewership.

•  It should be noted that the dashboard doesn’t show when the followers are watching a video rather it exhibits the time when they are watching it across twitter.

•  It is advised by the company to post a minimum one video in the duration of most engaging times of the day.

•  Twitter also offers a tweet scheduling tool which can be utilized at the hour when the publisher is not able to post video during peak hours. The scheduling tool lies on the same page as the new dashboard tool.

•  In order to gain detailed insight over a period of time, publishers are allowed to adjust the time frame for the insights such as “last week”, “this month” or “last month”.


Objectives and Goals

•  For sake of expanding its advertising business, Twitter has enabled the publishers to understand customer engagement and develop better media strategies.

•  Twitter has quoted that for a range of time such video advertisements generate more than the half if the company’s revenue.

•  The company has also said that a number of tools are in progress which is aimed to provide publishers with more actionable data.

•  Like Public Insight Tool, an upcoming tool will go live in Media Studio ( when accessible.

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