un talento di monet Jacqueline Paras

My name is Jacqueline Paras. I was born and raised in Bulacan, Philippines with four
other siblings in my mother’s side of the family. Growing up I was introduced to a Christian community and other extra-curricular activities which I can say what brings the most out of my personality. I grew up participating and joining competitions in declamation, storytelling, acting, singing and dancing from middle school to high school. In 2006, I and my siblings migrated to the United States in New York and reunited with my mother after being separated for six years.

In 2008, due to a family tragedy, I was placed in foster care. At the age of eighteen, I decided to emancipate myself out of care and started living independently.
In 2017, I acquired my associate’s degree in Travel Tourism and now currently
approaching to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. Living independently
while going to school could be very difficult but kept it me driven. I worked for many different
companies in the restaurant industry despite the struggle in meeting financial needs and other
challenges. I learned to become stronger and enhanced my skills in cooking and
time-management. Aside from the learning experience, I managed to make wise decisions which
include accepting and declining offers that I know can change my life forever.
In August 2017, I was scouted to walk for a fashion show. As a performer, I’ve always
had the passion for facing huge crowds so I insisted and accepted the unpaid work. Plus, I
thought that networking has always been a great stepping stone to many other opportunities.
Eventually, I decided to take modeling as a potential career. I was introduced to bigger
opportunities within the industry.

I have been published in magazines, a billboard, and done
commercials, beauty campaigns, music videos, prints, and catalogs. Along the line, I was
introduced to pageantry and was crowned as Miss New York US Nation on April 14, 2018 as
well as Ms. Golden Word on November 23, 2018. Through this, I was able to express my love
for charity work, volunteer activities and share my journey as a model.
Runway modeling is not just any type of job. It requires continuous practice and
determination. It has taken me to New York Fashion Week which has completely changed my
view of the fashion industry.

It’s a tough industry that requires models to be fully confident,
passionate, well-driven and reliable. Most importantly, having to work with a diverse
environment like New York can be challenging. And to all other modeling types of job, as a
model, I am required to keep a healthy balanced diet to maintain a good skin and figure.
I love modeling.

Not only that it compliments the skills I developed growing up, but it’s
definitely a way of contributing to the community in terms of fashion and learning different
cultures. My modeling career sums up the reflection of who I am today. I am patient,
appreciative, open-minded, ambitious, and best of all, I am content.

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