Who is Elina Dmitrieva? here is the exclusive interview with the Russian model: disarming style

Who is Elina Dmitrieva? here is the exclusive interview with the Russian model: disarming style

What are the colors you wear most?

Black is my love. Black will always be good for all places.

What is your fashion icon or source of inspiration?

These are different women from different times. I really like Irina Shayk, Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, if we talk about beauty, modeling and style in our time. But I am inspired: Monroe, Bardo, Shiffer. I think it is very noticeable in my image)

What did you feel during your first photo shoot?

After the first shooting, I said to myself, “I will never be in the modeling field.” I was 16 years old. I still do not understand how it happened.

A frivolous question. What is your favorite outfit?

“Give the woman a nice shoes and she will conquer the world!” I can’t do anything with myself) comfortable shoes, sneakers, etc. that’s nice, of course, but how a girl’s shoes change. I love heels, even if it is very small: it changes the pitch, posture and gait.

What’s your relationship with instagram?

I am not a blogger. I share my real life in the “stories”. I have something to write and tell, but I do not do it from personal motives “personal – must remain personal”.

How do you define yourself as a woman and a model?

Eat attention of men )

What is the importance of social networks?

Now the whole life is transferred to the Internet.I meet cool and talented people.

And we start to create. What do you like about fashion?

I do not like what comes into fashion and it all starts to wear on the street. This is the highest degree of bad taste.

Is there a photographer you would like to work with?

Terry Richardson, and perhaps Mert Alas.

How does it work? What is a model?

For someone, this is understood as a “hanger”, for someone a beautiful face, but the Model should have its own presentation and character. To be able to transmit it through the camera. I know a lot of not the most beautiful models, but their reincarnation in front of the camera is like a miracle. And also, you can have the ideal parameters, but be completely empty. Therefore, character, hard work, your inner core is much more important than the Physical component.

What are your plans for the future?

It’s no secret that more than a photo – I love only the movie. I already had experience. I am also working on it, studying. As for the modeling: I have a few ideas. Such as for example: I would like to add to this world of fashion more Beauty, femininity, and to return to some extent the old ideals of female beauty. This naturalness, sexuality and femininity. We’ll see )

Last question the meaning of life?

It is quite easy for me to answer this question. This is the easiest question for me. I always say “family and find yourself in this world.” What else can you dream? And this is happiness. And we all live for happiness

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