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The Break magazine delves deep to better understand how the world of escorts operates in Dubai. Dubai is the Las Vegas of the Middle East, with the difference that here the abaya is worn. It is the party and luxury capital of the United Arab Emirates, where devotees can succumb to worldly pleasures amidst nightclubs, artificial islands, towering skyscrapers, and extravagant seven-star hotels. In the midst of these two opposing forces, the true Arab soul is hidden, yearning to be united and solid around the concept of Umma but shaken by contradictions, conflicts, and sectarian violence.

Etiquette in Dubai: 11 essential things you need to know about behaving in Dubai. The 11 rules and norms of behavior you should be aware of if you’re visiting Dubai, from how to dress on the streets to what swimwear to wear at the beach, and what to do if you’re invited to a private home. 11 questions and answers to know what to do and what not to do in Dubai. How should I dress in Dubai if I’m a man? What about if I’m a woman? Can I go topless on the beach in Dubai? Can I drink alcohol in Dubai? And drugs? Can I freely take photographs? Can I drive in Dubai? Can I hold hands with my boyfriend? What happens in Dubai during Ramadan? And if I’m invited to a private home? Is there prostitution in Dubai? 11 questions, 11 answers, and many things you need to know about behaving in Dubai, with my advice on what not to do and the rules to follow.

How to behave in Dubai: 11 things you need to know to avoid problems.

The 11 norms of behavior to follow in Dubai:
How should I behave in Dubai? Can I dress as I please? Can I drink alcohol and smoke? And is Dubai safe?
First and foremost, I assure you that for a tourist or businessperson, the United Arab Emirates is generally a safe country to travel to. Terrorist events cannot be predicted, but in terms of crime, I can assure you that it is minimal, if not nonexistent, in Dubai. Apart from being cautious about potential pickpockets when navigating through crowded markets, you can move around Dubai with tranquility, both day and night, without any fear.
However, you should pay closer attention to the norms of behavior. Emiratis are a hospitable, tolerant people accustomed to trade and the exposure to foreign ideas, but do not forget that you are a guest in an Islamic country, where traditions are always important.
In general, when you are in Dubai, and this applies to all the Emirates and any Arab country, always behave in a polite and civilized manner.

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