Do I work in Dubai? Celebrity gets paid $50,000 to eat poop in Dubai” – claims socialite (VIDEO)​

Unsubstantiated claims that have recently surfaced on social media platforms alleges that South African socialite Lerato is involved in questionable activities to fund her lavish lifestyle.

These allegations suggest that Lerato has been engaging in activities colloquially referred to as the ‘porta potty’ business in Dubai. Lerato, who is known for her extravagant displays of wealth, including designer clothing and frequent vacations, has been accused of engaging in ‘potty potty’ activities in exchange for financial support.

Most of these ladies are forced or coerced by money to partake in the craziest of fetishes, which include bestiality (sleeping with animals) and, in most instances, scathing.

Scathing is a wild sexual fetish where pleasure is derived when one poos on the other. Usually, the men poop on the ladies and force them to either swallow it or smear it on their faces.

A TikToker and former flight attendant with the handle @hocusbogus2.0 claims to have witnessed influencers and models discussing the bizarre practice firsthand. Passengers were reportedly eating high-fibre foods while bragging about what they were about to do on the way to Dubai.

The influencers are reportedly given free flights to Dubai and preferential treatment in exchange for enduring dehumanising activities such as being urinated on or eating human or camel poo.

Another backed her claim by writing:

“I’m just going to make a list of all the things she said she did or witnessed:

“One girl had the contents of the bucket stuffed up her.” She ate a solid piece of s***. Girls had to slide across the floor on their stomachs, licking up s***. There were human centipede actions.

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