escort job in Dubai do you earn all the money? we’re talking about £20,000 a week

If I would still be a twenty-five year old wanting my successful career as an escort to continue I would write this:

It’s amazing. It’s the best job ever. I work where I want, whenever I want. I love meeting all those successful, interesting men. CEO’s from famous companies, entrepreneurs, investors. I get to see the world, eat in the best restaurants, sleep in 5-star hotels. I get presents, designer clothes and jewelry. We have interesting conversations and these men share their deepest thoughts with me. What we do is our little secret and it’s amazing to share this experience together. I love taking care of men and I make sure they have the best night of their life. They work hard so they deserve nothing but the best.

Great advert, right. I know. I was good at my job and I’ve written plenty of those.

Well, today I’m a grown woman with a family, I don’t have to sell myself anymore, so forget the superficial BS I wrote and read the truth:

First of all, I have read ridiculous things on many website. I had a thriving business in Dubai and I made between 40k to 50k per month. So 600k per year max. Due to the high rates you will only find a limited amount of clients who can afford you. Physically and mentally it’s also not possible to do more than one client per day (on average). Some girls do only 1 client per week just to get some extra cash. Or they get one or two sugar daddies, which is basically the same. They’ll make 5k-10k per month. Which is a very nice allowance. Most of us were doing both, working for an agency or independently and being on sugar daddy websites with a different name and different photos.

Now, it’s work. It’s business. It’s marketing, sales, cashflow, CRM, nothing else. Just like any other company you want a good turnover. So, you’re not only working when you’re with a client.

The job itself is a dirty acting job. The better you can pretend you care about your clients the more money you’ll make. As they will keep calling you to come back.

A lot of clients have the habit of seeing a lot of escorts so you can discuss them and their habits with your colleagues/friends as they will also know him. (Office gossip basically)

Btw, the reviews on the websites, we write them ourselves. No decent business man has time for that nonsense. It’s upscale, so we don’t get to see 21-year-olds who lost a bet.

It’s high class, so you can’t just lay on your back. You have to actively pretend you care. So it’s quite draining. (Smile, laugh, hug, cuddle,… the girlfriend experience right, also known as GFE).

Of course, you have dinners in the nicest restaurants all over Dubai and you get to sleep in the best hotels. But, to all you business men out there, do you really enjoy your business trips and business dinners for work?

Well, I’m at work too and I’m doing exactly the same thing as you are doing with your boring boss or your boring clients whom you want to sign a contract.

Once you’re in the business for some time you make a black list and you don’t pick up the phone for difficult clients. You only answer to the clients who are easy, clean and little demanding.

Personally, I would never pay for sex. Knowing that the person I am with only is with me because I give them money. I would always want someone to get to know me, then like me for who I am, feel like they want to have sex with me and be with me because they want to be with me.

But, I guess some men rather pay for it, instead of going through the hassle of really getting to know someone.

And a lot of married men, obviously, who want to do things they can’t do at home or just like the change. They say, you don’t eat the same food every night either.

Men who enjoy the fact that they can see a very attractive, young girl naked and touch her, which would never happen if they didn’t pay for it.

Some men who enjoy the fact they can make their money do someone whatever they want.

I don’t think any of my clients had any sense of self-worth though. Most of them had low self-esteem and were just in need for another self-esteem boost.

In those 4.5 years I only really liked 3 men and they’ve been my sugar daddies as well. I never counted how many men I’ve seen. If I did, I would probably throw up.

Anyway, I did it for 4.5 years and now I am running an escort agency in Dubai from the name of Audrey Segal

Do not hesitate to leave any comments or tip me if you appreciate honesty 😉

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