From the great American dream to the sincere telling of Sarah Elizabeth, photomodel, actress

Sign, city and city of birth?

 Sagittarius, I live on Long Island, N.Y., USA I was born and raised in South Glastonbury, Connectcut, USA

Tell us, how was your experience with fashion born?

 I absolutely love fashion, and am so honored to work and walk for so many talented and amazing designers. My experience has been so surreal. I never thought my modeling would lead to runway, and I would not tradeit for anything.

Can you tell us the most significant moments of your career?

One of my most significant moments is when I met the NYC Image Group, which is a group that brings photographers, models, makeup designers, and clothing designers together to network and make beautiful photography.

What would you like people to understand about you?

Then I’m very much an introvert, but I love to push myself outside my comfort zone.

 After so many objectives, there is also a dream in the drawer?

With so many challenges in life, you always have to have a dream. So no matter what I will always Reach for the Stars. What happens during your day? When I’m not doing Runway shows, or photo shoots, I work at one of the state hospitals in New York in the emergency psych Department. I absolutely love my job what’s going on, and I love helping people car having a hard time. And when I’m not helping people, I love to draw.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Nobody ever really knows what the future holds. All I know is I want to evolve and become a better version of myself.

 At this moment, what project are you working on?

Right now in my life I have a few shows coming up for New York Fashion Week in February. I am also working with a fellow friend I’m making some conventions happen here on Long Island.

 Is there a professional photography would like to work with Is there a professional or photographer you would like to work with?

That is a hard question, because there are so many talented photographers out there. And each photographer has their own eye. So with that said there’s so many to list. One last question, the meaning of life? The meaning of life, now that’s a heavy question. Because I believe life is everything that you put into it. There’s so many amazing and beautiful things out in the world to see and to feel oh, that one has to be open. So I believe the meaning of life is living your life to the fullest that you can, because life is short so live it With No Limits.

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