La Biography di un Stillista Maltese Gaetano

Biography Couture by Gaetanothe founder of the brand have chosen to build the brand based on glamour  Couture by Gaetano identify craftsmen renowned for their quality work in handmade one of a kind couture pieces  Following the brand’s success in the Maltese market, Femme fatale launched during Malta Fashion Week in 2015.The brand was very well received and couture by Gaetano won the award for beat new designer . Followed by Nymph (the collection ) 2016 was also showcases in serbia fashion week 2016,2017 the inspiration for the divas collection was music and music legends wich is the most inspiration use by the designer for his work.

2018 couture by Gaetano
Will ahowcase his new collection
wich is mostly inspired by old Hollywood glamour and fashion icon legends .

Company details
Couture by Gaetano
44, triq dun neriku cordina perez


photo credit: Natasha Attard

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