Lebanese Visual Artist Sirine Fattouh’s First Gallery Solo Show Launches in Beirut’s Letitia Gallery

Challenging everyday societal conformity, the featured works evoke intense moments of self-reflection…

Curated by Lebanon-born Mayssa Fattouh, the exhibition entitled ‘In The Middle Of A Leap Into The Void’ spans new commissions, light and sound installations, video, sculptures, photography and drawings by Lebanese visual artist Sirine Fattouh.

Through the works, Fattouh explores the notions of dreams, repressed memories, gender roles, social constructs, the conscious and subconscious. “The collaboration with curator Mayssa Fattouh was very rich and I learned a lot from her,” shares Fattouh. “We worked closely together through prolific discussions. You have to know how to listen to others and trust them and especially accept to let go. Without this confidence, we could never have achieved such a project.”

Founder of Letitia Gallery Annie Vartivarian stands with artist Sirine Fattouh at the In The Middle of a Leap Into The Void exhibition at Letitia Gallery. Photo by Mahmoud Reda. Courtesy of the artist and Letitia Gallery, Beirut

On show in Beirut’s Letitia Gallery until end of August, the exhibition marks the artist’s first gallery solo show. “I knew that my first solo show in a gallery in Lebanon would be an encounter with great people close to my artistic and human sensibility,” says Fattouh, of meeting the founder of Letitia Gallery, Annie Vartivarian, among others. “They immediately believed in me and supported me in the development of my new projects. More than a solo show, the exhibition at Letitia Gallery is a new adventure that I hope will be long and fruitful.”

In The Middle Of A Leap Into The Void exhibition is on show until 29th August 2019 at Letitia Gallery, Beirut

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