Moscow Chiks: to the conquest of the world

Moscow Chiks is a musical project from Russia, which conquers the whole world, and not only the world…The Moscow Chiks are the cousins: Luna and Youlya. Their associates not only consanguinity, but also music, a project which is over 10 years. They are two DJs, musicians and producers. They promote underground music genres in Russia, and not only Russia, such as techno and techhouse.


Before this job what did you do?

Since childhood we have been engaged in music. We studied at the music school: Luna by piano class, Youlya  on the vocal direction. As a child, we lived in the country when it was difficult to get a cassette with music, but we were lucky we listened to The Prodigy, Antiloop and others Like all normal people after graduation, we entered in universities.We studied very much. Youlya was educated as an economist and Luna as a lawyer.

How does the idea for this work come about?

There was a time when we were already DJs and touring each with our project, and then something went wrong and The Moscow Chiks appeared. What happens in your private life.In our personal life now only music, work in the studio, tours around the world, airports, flights, lack of sleep, jetlags, many people, party and our performances.

What do you like about this job?

Our work is not only self-expression. First of all, we want to give love to people by means of music. We travel a lot, we see countries, people, see how they live.  Recently slept on a cold glass at the airport of Barcelona, ​​it happened because of the long waiting time between flights. This also has its own romance.

Is there a place in the world where you would like to go and live?

We like to live in Russia, but this does not cancel the fact that we like to travel. Recently we arrived from Ibiza, we lived there for two weeks and have already gotten used to this place, although Ibiza is not the place for a calm measured life. But in general we like everywhere, the most important thing in the environment of what kind of people you are.

 A high question the meaning of life?

Often being in the studio and working on the tracks, we are immersed in another world. This question is very complicated, but interesting. We think that every person, and every creature in this universe, thinks about this question: who Im, where Im from, what should I do, right or wrong? All this is very difficult, but also simple. The most important thing is to live in harmony with yourself, do what you like, dream, love, hate, struggle with difficulties, the most important thing is not to sit still and not wait for something to happen in your life.


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