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Natasha entered the world of photography quite recently, precisely in the last two years. After acquiring her first camera, a couple of standard lenses and taking some specialized courses on the subject, she showed her passion in street photography and seascapes. Her eye for detail soon caught the attention of her mentor, who strongly encouraged her to move to shooting portraits and even models.

She adamantly refused to engage in such a sector. However, she managed to take some very good shots during an event and that was the kick off into portraiture. In order to be able to shoot models appropriately and in a professional manner through learning, she engaged herself in organizing successfully a couple of photographic workshops and also attending to others abroad. Slowly but surely, through her unique style of shooting pictures and interaction, she started to leave an impression in this sector. 147

Natasha never knows enough. She is always willing to explore, listen and learn on the subject with the aim of improving and producing high quality pictures which highlight the beauty of the subject in front of her lens. Her aim is to become a professional in the sector and be able to deliver an excellent service and product to her clients.

Natasha is the founder of Photographic Workshops Malta. She is organiser of workshops of Fashion and Glamour Photography.


Collezione in foto e Legacy by Fashion maltese designer Gaetano Couture by Gaetano


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