10 African Countries You’ll Never Regret Marrying From


Wondering which is the best African country to find a wife? You will find all the information you need.

Cultural heritage, historical diversity friendliness among other things form the basis of the best African countries to marry from.


Ghana is also undoubtedly on the list of the best African countries to find a wife. The Women of Ghana are friendly and welcoming, They are very curvy black beauties with a sense of family as well as career.
The ladies in Ghana are beautiful as they are sensual. Family is the main value in the life of a Ghanaian woman, and as such Divorce for a Ghanaian woman is not an option.
Apart from being good cooks, Ghanaian women are also very loyal and loving and if you are considering getting married to a Ghanaian woman, you should definitely give it a go.


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. With a 200,000,000 population, there are so many beautiful ladies in Nigeria you just can’t miss this country if you’re genuinely interested in African dating. Nigerian women are known for their strong traditional values regarding family and relationships, for their dynamic and fun personalities, and for their entrepreneurial spirit.


In Kenya’s capital, the girls are so stunning that it’s impossible to walk down the street without noticing them. With the level of luxury, pretentious hairstyles and outfits, Kenyan girls can easily compete for the number one spot in the world. The girls who live here take their family very seriously. Divorce is the hardest. If you are a kind and friendly person, dating in Kenya can be very interesting for you. What could be better than love between two interesting people?


Tanzanian women are calm, family oriented and relaxed. Family in Tanzania is the main value of a person, and that is why it is on our list of the best African countries to find a wife. Tanzanian women take the creation of family seriously and observe all traditions and rituals that help in the development of family.
In Tanzania, it is customary to have many children here, so if you are big on having lots of babies, you should marry a woman from Tanzania. You can either meet your future wife in Tanzania itself and on a dating site that has Tanzanian women.


The women in Morocco are very beautiful by nature. They have supple skin and sensual features. Morocco is on the list of the best African countries to find a wife because the Moroccan women are loyal in relationships and marriage. They always honor their husbands.
If you practice polygamy, you can easily find an understanding wife in Morocco because the culture in Morocco doesn’t prohibit polygamy. However, generally Moroccan women are homely, beautiful and make good wives.


According to travelers, when you see a beautiful Ethiopian for the first time, your heart beats faster. Ethiopian women are very beautiful. They are curvy and sensual.
Ethiopia is definitely on the list of the best African countries to find a wife. The women in Ethiopia are homely, traditional, modest as well as wife materials. If you are looking for a lively woman, who is also beautiful, loyal and curvy, Ethiopian women are right for you.
You can either meet Ethiopian women on dating sites, visit the country to meet them or befriend an Ethiopian woman in your country of residence.

South Africa

South African women have distinguished cultural backgrounds and values which define them. They are irresistibly pretty and have a charming demeanour which you cannot ignore. The Southern queens are fascinating in some way. Here, you will inevitably fall in love with someone based just on appearance or emotional state.
In addition to being culturally diverse, South African women have a reputation for being hospitable and compassionate. If you’re dating a South African woman is an additional adventure in your life.


Rwandan women are some of the most gorgeous women on the African continent. Rwanda is on the list of the best African countries to find a wife. Family is important to Rwandan women and as such wives are loyal to their husbands.
If you are looking for a tall, thick in the right proportion, graceful, homely and beautiful wife, Rwandan women are right for you. They make some of the best wives and are sure to make you happy.


Also on the list of the best African countries to find a wife is the Democratic republic of Congo. Congolese women are beautiful, great dancers and make good wives. You will not be able to take your eyes off the local girls.

The traditional upbringing of women is built on respect, and as such Congolese women are respectful and polite. Congolese women also know how to make an impression, so, you will not find it difficult staying attracted to them.


Somali women are very devoted to their families. These women are as beautiful as they come and make very good wives. Despite the reports of conflicts in Somalia, it is still on the list of the best African countries to find a wife.
These women are brave, strong, yet feminine and make very good wives. They are family oriented and loyal to their husbands. They are also very modest, and traditional.

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