A Look Inside Watch Aficionado Sophy Rindler’s Timepiece Collection

As Sophy Rindler sees it, timepieces are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.


Sophy Rindler wearing an Audemars Piguet Automatic Royal Oak Lady with diamond bezel at her Miami home

As a watch and jewelry consultant and head of the Miami chapter of the international watch collectors club Redbar, Sophy Rindler certainly knows her timepieces. However, her very first purchase was a complete bust.

“I was in New York City and fell in love with this Gucci watch with a big golden G and a white dial that this street merchant was selling,” she says with a laugh. “I wore that thing for a year until the rust took over.”

Yes, the piece was a counterfeit, but Rindler was barely 12 at the time. She’s come a long way since. These days, her very authentic collection includes standouts from brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin and F.P. Journe.

“My first serious buy was an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in rose gold with a diamond bezel,” she says. “It was destined for a client, but as soon as I tried it on,

I knew it had to be mine.”

As much as she loves that timepiece, however, the AP only comes out for special occasions. For day-to-day wear, Rindler prefers either her Rolex Cosmograph Daytona or her Rolex Submariner. “There’s nothing like a Rolex tool watch, and I love the look of them on a woman,” she says. “I could wear my Sub for weeks and weeks and forget about all the others.”

Currently, Rindler has her eye on a Breguet Marine Big Date as well as a Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921, but her heart ticks fastest for the colorful Automatic Marshmallow from the Richard Mille Bonbon collection that was revealed at the SIHH show in Geneva earlier this year.

“To me watches are essential,” adds Rindler. “Without one I feel like something is missing. I love seeing a woman with a fine watch, empowered and making a statement about herself that’s strong and assertive.”


A bespoke edition of a Vulcain Cricket


Rolex Submariner No Date with ceramic bezel


Audemars Piguet Automatic Royal Oak Lady with diamond bezel


Ulysse Nardin GMT Big Date


F.P. Journe Élégante with ceramic inserts and diamonds

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