Former British soldier Simon Newton is ending the stereotype of bodyguards just being a piece of muscle.

Former British soldier Simon Newton is ending the stereotype of bodyguards just being a piece of muscle.

Do you know what Michael Jackson and Bella Hadid have in common? The most fashionable bodyguard you have ever seen. This fashion nova is Simon Newton, and he represents high-profile celebrities in an urban, hip way.

A former member of the British Army, Newton took to becoming a bodyguard after his time with the military. Besides having a military background, Newton was getting noticed and later hired by big-time celebrities for how well he dresses in public. He is known for wearing the appropriate attire for every public appearance alongside a celebrity. For instance, when Newton is seen in public beside top-named model Bella Hadid, he ensures to dress based on the places he is visiting with her. It can be anywhere from a high-ticketed runway show, where a suit is required, to just walking on the sidewalk in a bomber jacket, rugged black shirt and stylish jeans. The icing on the cake is that he does not take any fashion advice from anyone, not even a celebrity. Newton takes pride in knowing how to dress for any occasion, but he also makes sure to never overdress, either. Newton will never out dress a client, as he wants the spotlight to always be on them.


Aside from being a bodyguard, Newton also owns a security company called Askari Secure Ltd, located in the U.K. And when hiring bodyguards, Newton does try to find fashionable employees. “Each bodyguard is chosen on their security experience and who we think will be best suited with that particular client. That being said, when looking after celebrities, we do like the bodyguard to be current in terms of his or her appearance. Not only are they representing the person they are looking after, but they are also representing me and my company.” This U.K. gentleman is always on the go; he is constantly working out in his spare time or working on his acting career. “Simple fact of the matter is, you make time. There are 24 hours in a day, and I am happy with six hours’ sleep. At times it can be busy, but I love what I do and wouldn’t change anything. To be successful, you have to put the hours in and keep putting them in.” Newton is a trailblazer in the security business and is redefining what a bodyguard can be. vincenzo pomeo bava

Q. Growing up, was there anyone who inspired you to care about dressing well, or did your fashion sense just come over time?

A. Not at all. If anything, [it’s] the opposite. I wasn’t very cool and fashionable as a child.
It wasn’t until I was around 19 that I took an interest in what I was wearing.

Q. You have been hired by some A-class celebs such as Michael Jackson and Bella Hadid. How are these celebs behind closed doors?

A. Everyone I have looked after has been great. Behind closed doors, they are no different to anyone else. Celebrities are only normal people in a very public industry, after all.

Q. Can you share a moment from your body-guarding career where something unexpected happened and your client’s life was in immediate danger? How did you react and solve the situation?

A. In the U.K., we are lucky enough to not really get problems that are life-threatening. When I first started my career as a bodyguard, I was working in the Middle East. Both of the countries I worked in were very hostile environments to be in. Although we used to carry firearms, if you were having a bad day, you really were fighting to protect the client. Unfortunately, in that part of the world, although we never lost a client, some of the bodyguards made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the client safe.


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