( guide 2022 ) Top 10 Sex Destinations in The World

Here is a list of Top 10 sex destinations in the world. The following cities might be very different from each other. However, the following cities have at least one thing in common: They all have absolutely great options to experience adult entertainment and having sex!



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is very well known city for it’s vibrant nightlife, sex life and samba carnivals. People who are from Rio de Janeiro are called “Cariocas” (CA-RIO-CA). Brazil and Rio hosted FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Rio hosted the summer Olympics in 2016.


WikiSexGuide in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro’s sex scene has something to offer for everyone:

  • You can find tens of world’s famous termas in Rio de Janeiro. Termas are special spas and bathhouses where you can have legal sex action with very beautiful girls. Prices vary. Some termas have better quality of services than others.
  • You can also find very active gay and lesbian scene in Rio. Over 14% of Rio’s population are gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. That’s very high percentage in one city and #1 in Brazil with these criteria. You can find tens of gay bars, gay lounges and gay clubs. One of the world’s most famous gay beaches is located at Rio’s Ipanema Beach.
  • Very attractive transsexuals can be also found this lovely city and many of them are working as prostitutes.
  • Rio de Janeiro has lots of swinging couples who like to visit swinger clubs and other swingers’ homes to have fun.
  • Rio has nice strip clubs with beautiful dancers.
  • Rio de Janeiro’s famous red-light district is called Vila Mimosa. It’s probably not the best place for a foreigner to go by himself. Especially after dark it might be quite tricky area. Anyway visiting this area might be a very unique adventure.
  • Rio has also many freelancer bars where you can find independent sex workers and the prices with some gorgeous working girls can be very low sometimes. Some of the independent sex workers are amateurs who like to make a little bit extra cash for example during their student years.
  • You can also find good-looking normal local girls who like to experience short term one night relationships especially with western foreigners.
  • Prostitutes in Rio are often called “Garotas de programa” (GDP).
  • In Rio’s big city you can find hundreds of escorts with different shapes and sizes.
  • For lonely women travellers Rio is a fantastic place. Local men are very good looking and there are also many handsome male escorts living in Rio de Janeiro.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a huge and busy metropolitan area with millions of population. It’s world famous and notorious city with tons of different adult entertainment variations. Everyone knows its huge markets in sex business. When you visit Thailand you wouldn’t never imagine that prostitution is illegal in this beautiful country.


Skyscrapers of Ratchadamri and Sukhumvit at night.

Here are some facts that every tourist who is interested in learning Bangkok’s sex scene should know:

  • There are tens of thousands of sex workers living in Bangkok. Many of the girls come from country side to work in the capital city to earn money for their family. Many girls also come from neighboring countries as CambodiaMyanmar and Malaysia. Basically you can find working girls from all over the world in this massive city.
  • You can find endless options for adult entertainment in Bangkok. There are famous sex shows and ping pong shows. Before you go in to these show venues make sure how much the drink costs. The staff usually call you in to these shown for free but a bottle of beer may cost you even double than in Western countries.
  • Bangkok has hundreds of erotic massage parlors where you can get a happy ending or even full service. If you are interested in ladyboys, you can often find at least one of them in every massage parlour. The biggest massage parlors in Bangkok can be many floors high buildings. You can find everything you can dream of in these big salons. If your wallet allows it, you can have so much fun for example taking a bubble bath with several thai girls at the same time. You can imagine the rest…
  • Bangkok has three famous red-light districts:
    • Soi Cowboy is probably the most touristic red light area. The prices are often also higher than in other red light zones.
    • Nana Plaza is a huge building complex where you can find different kind of GoGo Bars inside.
    • Patpong is next to the night market where are many many Go-Go Bars with beautiful dancers.
  • Always remember that some of the most beautiful “women” might actually be ladyboys. It’s not easy for a rookie to tell who is a shemale and who is a normal woman. There are thousands of trannies working as sex workers in Bangkok. Transexuals in Thailand are often called ladyboys or kathoeys.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is very liberal and easy-going city. It’s well known for it’s drugs and prostitution policy. Millions of tourists visit Amsterdam every year and most of them visit also at least one of the famous red-light districts.


The red light district De Wallen in Amsterdam

Here are some things you should know about Amsterdam’s prostitution scene:

  • You can buy weed or magic mushrooms from special shops. But what makes this city so famous are the red-light districts. You can find model look alike prostitutes working behind the windows. You are able to get a full service with 50 Euros from very beautiful girls. Always negotiate the price very clear what you want and what you will receive with any amount of money. Otherwise the girls might be asking you more and more money during the private time.
  • There are three red-light districts in Amsterdam:
    • De Wallen is the largest and most touristic one. Almost every tourist visits this area.
    • Singel is very pleasant little pedestrian street with few people around, but much less hookers. Sex workers are mainly middle aged plump ones. Some ugly but also some very sexy, just a few good looking ones.
    • Down by museum quarter (Pijp) is the smallest of the three. Caters mainly to local demand.
  • Never do anything stupid to the girls who are working on red-light district. They have an emergency button in their room and if they press that button, in no time big badass pimps will come to take you down.
  • Some working girls and transsexuals at the red-light areas are not very good-looking but they will also charge less money for their services.
  • Never ever try to take photos of the sex workers behind the red light zone’s windows. There must be hundreds of cameras lying in the bottom of the river because many people have been taking photos of the women. If the guys who are controlling these areas see you taking photos or video, your camera will probably end up into the river.
  • If you don’t behave badly, red-light areas are very safe.
  • You can find different kind of sex shows in Amsterdam. For example there are venues where you can insert a few coins to the machine. Then the curtain goes up and you can see a couple having 100% real sexual penetration just in front of you behind the window.
  • Many of the women who work behind the RLD windows are working as an escort on their “free time”.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the most visited city in the world. At first you maybe wouldn’t think that this muslim and arabic city could be involved that much in prostitution. But in fact it’s one of the cities in the world where you can have thousands and thousands of sex workers. This is because there are so many tourists and expats living year around.


Dubai’s Skyline

Here is some useful information about mongering in Dubai:

  • Cheaper working girls in Dubai are working in massage parlors. These erotic massage parlours are everywhere in Dubai. There are hundreds of these spots where you can get a happy ending.
  • Some of the high class escorts may ask several thousands of US Dollars for one night. There are also cheaper escorts working for a couple of hundred of dollars per night.
  • All of the prostitution is very HUSH-HUSH and it’s operated behind the closed doors. Prostitution in Dubai is well hidden but it still exists a lot if you know where and how to look for it.
  • You cannot see any regular street hookers in Dubai. Instead you can find more classy escorts wandering in the hotels’ lobby bars and discos. Sometimes the working girls are difficult to notice because they wear fashion clothes and look like a normal customer in the bar. You can spot them by trying to make an eye contact or if she is hanging around alone by herself that could be another sign.
  • Make sure you don’t do anything stupid in public with alcohol or girls. UAE law prohibits any public intimate action by couples and you can even go to jail for that kind of action.

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Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya has two faces to show for the tourists. It’s a destination where a family can go to have a relax resort holiday on other side of the city. But Pattaya is more famous about its prostitute scene. Hundreds of thousands of sex tourists visit Pattaya every year. Many single male foreigners these days live in Pattaya on their old years. It’s relatively cheap and some of the girls are very beautiful and willing to make you enjoy sexually with a low cost.


Sign at north end of Walking Street

Here is some information about Pattaya sex scene:

  • Pattaya is probably the biggest sex hub in the world. There are thousands of sex workers living in this quite small city.
  • There are many places for prostitution in Pattaya. You can find hundreds of bars where are girls that would come to your hotel room if you give some money. With 1000THB you can have a full service.
  • Here are few of the most crowded prostitute areas in Pattaya:
    • Walking Street is a part of the city and a red-light district in Pattaya. It’s quite normal street on day time but in the evening it’s only for pedestrians and all the clubs and go-go bars open their doors.
    • Soi 6 has been busier in the past but you can still find some action from this short street. Soi 6 is where you’ll discover the famous “short time” girls of Pattaya.
    • LK Metro is the second largest GoGo bar district in Pattaya.
  • It’s impossible to feel the vibe by reading articles about Pattaya. You have to visit there and see it with your own eyes!

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Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt has probably the best sex scene in Germany. Adult entertainment is a huge business in Frankfurt, unsurprising given the mix of large numbers of lonely business travelers and legal prostitution. Frankfurt has very wide selection to offer for single travelers.


Bahnhofsviertel Red light district in Frankfurt am Main, with several eros centers.

Here are some tips for researching the sex scene in Frankfurt:

  • Frankfurt has a wide range of different types of prostitutes. Some are from Germany but you can basically find girls from all over the world working as prostitutes in Frankfurt.
  • You can find hundreds of escorts in Frankfurt. One good reason for having so many escorts in this city is that there is a huge airport and many tourists make a stop over in Frankfurt. There are also lots of international companies and business meetings in this interesting city.
  • Frankfurt has a very famous red-light district called Bahnhofsviertel. This red light area is directly opposite main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and it is one of the largest Red-light districts in the whole world. Frankfurt’s red light zone is as safe, professional and organized as the sex industry gets.
  • There are also many street hookers working in Frankfurt. These are the favorite type of sex workers for some people. There is always an extra excitement when you go and negotiate the prices with the street girls.
  • FKK Clubs are famous in Germany. As many other cities in Germany, Frankfurt also has good FF sauna clubs where customers can go to have sex with beautiful girls. It’s not even so expensive in Western standards
  • There are also tens of different options for gay and lesbian people. You can find gay beaches, gay saunas, gay bars, gay clubs, lesbian clubs and so on.

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Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana (a.k.a. TJ) has always had a reputation of one kind of a sin city. Young American students used to go and party a lot in Tijuana because it’s right cross to the border of Mexican side. This is because Mexico has lower age limits for alcohol and it’s a lot cheaper than USA. You can basically walk to Tijuana from San DiegoCalifornia. Tijuana has always attracted also sex tourists. These days the situation is little bit different. Most of the American tourists are afraid to go to Tijuana anymore because it has become more dangerous. There are some drug wars, muggings and corrupted police officers which makes the situation worse.

Cross this busy US-Mexico international border station and you may think you’ve crossed into the Wild West. The 21-year-old drinking age is now 18, illegal prostitution is now legalized and zoned in Zona Norte. Remember that Tijuana might be very tricky now days. Anyway if you go with a group with friends or just by yourself it might be a lifetime adventure. One weekend is enough to explore Tijuana. The most important thing is to use common sense and trust no-one – not even the police! If you drink alcohol, remember that the more you get wasted, that increases the risk of getting into trouble.


A marginal zone in Tijuana

Here are some tips you should definitely know before going to Tijuana:

  • Remember to have your passport with you. If you don’t like to drive your own car, it’s very easy to walk across the border and take a taxi if you are coming from San Diego. You should take a taxi at first to your hotel. Don’t carry any valuable shiny jewels or expensive watches with you. Leave your passport in the hotel room’s safety box and keep a printed copy of your passport with you all the time. This helps if there will be any problems with the police officers.
  • It’s also recommended to leave your credit cards to the hotel’s safety box. Just carry a reasonable amount of cash with you. You can pay everything in US Dollars in Tijuana. Don’t have too many big dollar bills with you.
  • Remember that some locals don’t speak any English.
  • After all these security things are under control, you can start to have some fun!
  • Most of the adult entertainment action happens in Tijuana’s Zona Norte which has the famous red-light district called “La Coahuila” in Tijuana.
  • There are unbelievable amazing strip clubs in Tijuana. In some of the strip joints you can take a girl to the back room and have a full service much more cheaper than just few miles away in US side. Some of the Mexican girls are very hot.
  • There are lots of working girls and transsexuals wandering the streets of the red-light zone and you can end up having a full service with them just for 20 US Dollars for a short time.
  • If you take a girl to your hotel room, never ever let her stay the night if you are going to sleep. They will most probably steal all of your valuables while you are sleeping. If this happens, it’s very rare that police will do anything about it. Even the hotel owners are not very interested of your problem. It’s not nice to go back to the US border without a passport or wallet. Always keep your valuables in the safety box, even if you are inside your hotel room. It takes only few seconds to rob your valuables when you visit the toilet or talking to phone with someone.
  • Many Mexican people think that Tijuana is not a traditional Mexican city. It’s just a sketchy border city.
  • Most visitors to Tijuana end up having a fantastic time. Stay sharp if you decide to visit TJ!

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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi has a population of nearly 4 million and it’s the capital city on Kenya. Prostitution is illegal in Kenya but it still exists a lot.


Nairobi skyline from Nairobi National Park

Here is some information about Nairobi sex scene:

  • Most of Nairobi’s prostitutes work on the city’s famous red-light district called Koinange Street. The working girls on this red light area are selling their body just for about 200-250 shillings (less than $3 US). This kind of price is ridiculously cheap especially for western foreigners.
  • You can find some high quality strip clubs in Nairobi.
  • There are very cheap brothels as well in different parts of the city.
  • Nairobi is more developed than many of the other African big cities. You can find also professional escorts advertising themselves online.
  • If you are having sex anywhere in Africa, remember to use a condom always.
  • For lonely women tourists it’s very easy to find a local guy for a one night sex relationship.

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney has a very wide range to have sex legally. Sydney is not a typical city for mongering but you will find many choices to find beautiful working girls in this city.


The iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Here are some tips for exploring the sex scene in Sydney:

  • Kings Cross is recognized as Sydney’s red-light district with numerous strip clubs and “girlie” bars. Beside “the Cross”, as is often referred to by Sydneysiders, many famous adult clubs are also located in Darlinghurst and Surrey Hills area. Kings Cross is famous for Bucks nights, perverts, drug dealers, prostitutes, drunks, trannies, pimps and thieves.
  • It is amazing to see the large amount of legal brothels in Sydney. Australian brothels are not confined to seedy red-light districts like in Europe or Asia, but are spread around wide areas including residential neighborhoods.
  • You can find tens or even hundreds of different sizes and styles of erotic massage parlors in Sydney. The parlors are located all over the city. Prices for full service for 30 minutes are around 100-200 Aussie Dollars.
  • In inner Sydney, there are two so-called tolerant zones where street prostitution is ignored by local police. During the hours of darkness, female street prostitution increases in the Sydney Central Business District. However, it is the Darlinghurst / East Sydney area which is far more used by female prostitutes during the hours of darkness.
  • Remember that if you go different parts of Australia, do not think that prostitution is legal everywhere. The law goes by the state.

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world. Tokyo is also very different kind of city compared to other cities outside of Japan. The same applies to Tokyo’s sex scene and adult entertainment. Prostitution is illegal in Japan. However, enforcement is lax, and the law specifically defines prostitution as “sex in exchange for money”. Japan still has one of the most vibrant sex industries in the world.


Kabukicho is an entertainment district

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