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Panama Escort Bars and Brothels


So you’re interested in hitting up some strip clubs or brothels in Panama. Well this article should help answer the initial questions about where to go and general pricing in addition to what to expect from each establishment.


Whether or not the focus of your trip is sex tourism you may want to just dip your toe in the water for a second just to see how it feels. The main pick up bars and/or brothels are in no particular order: La Bocatoreña, Alejandros, Karma, Emotions, Que Paso Ayer, Le Palace, and Capri Club


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Panama Escorts

La Bocatoreña


Located at the entrance of Casco Viejo next door to La Mayor, I would consider La Bocatoreña a step from it’s next door neighbor. This is the spot to check out during the day as it is where a lot of Habanos girls will work during off hours, so you could find some of the same girls, but at a fraction of the cost. If you meet a dime piece from La Bocatoreña and then see her at Habanos that night don’t expect that cheap day prices will carry over into the night. This place is not by any standard, nice, but it’s a spot to check out during the day if you are so inclined.


Pricing will run you $50-100 on site typically.




Was the most infamous pick up in Panama is now a shadow of its former self – it is pretty much closed due to the owners lack of desire to pay fines and reinvest. Look elsewhere at this point!


Le Palace


The most high end of the establishments, all the girls are total dime pieces and dressed in matching white lingerie. Honestly, just walking through the door is quite seductive. This is a strip club by nature, but the dancing sucks – like it’s a terrible strip club, but a great place to meet dimes. The cost to head off site is pretty steep so expect to be paying more like $300-500.


Panama used to mean Canal, although the small state of Central America, for almost a century, has never been master of what legitimately belongs to it. In August 2014, this crucial passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific celebrated its first centenary. Incorporated into United States territory in 1904, it took the stubborn commitment of Omar Torrijos, a general who counted more than the president, to sign a treaty with Jimmy Carter that returned the canal to the Panamanians in 1979. An audacity that the military paid for with his life two years later, killed, according to unofficial versions, by an attack by the CIA which planted a bomb on his plane.

Torrijos’ death gave new breath to the claims of the multinational Bechtel, which feared the Japanese presence, and could count in his directorate Secretary of State Shultz and Weinberger for Defense. Panama’s new leader, Manuel Noriega, was connected to the CIA, like the first Saddam in Iraq. He guaranteed the new Panama-USA joint venture. The affair lasted until 1989, the year of George Bush Senior’s ascent to the Presidency, who, under the pretext of drug trafficking perpetrated by Noriega, ordered a bloody invasion, in violation of international treaties, preceded by an air raid that killed about 4,000 civilians, including women and children. According to the testimony of John Perkins, Main Co.’s economic consultant at the time, the corpses were made to disappear by the marines, burning the bodies, and preventing the Red Cross, the press and NGOs from entering the territory.
The canal returned under direct US control, which disposed of it exclusively until 2000, the year of its return to Panama. The tenfold traffics caused its expansion. Spanish and Italian clutches have appeared, in a general scenario of corruption, involving the former president of Italian origins Ricardo Martinelli, and the Colombian cartels. Who did not miss the opportunity to increase the oldest profession in the world.


La Gruta Azul


If you’re into the BBWs then you may want to make your way to Gruta Azul. It’s considered to be on the lower end of the scale, but to each their own when it comes to taste in women. This spot isn’t downtown so you may want a host to direct you and make sure you’re sorted. This spot is also cheap like $25.




Feel free to comment and add any additional details about these spots or the topic in general. If you’re coming to Panama on a bachelor style trip then the best way to experience the red light side of Panama is go with a VIP nightlife host who would get the deals, hook up the best spots, and make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Have a look at our nightlife service.

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